10 Best Hidden Details In Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 1

For the most part, Stranger Things: Season 4 Vol. 1 does not require a trip to the Upside Down in order to unearth all of the in-jokes and Easter eggs.

There are spoilers in this article for Stranger Things season 4.

Season 4 of Stranger Things is no exception to the rule, with hidden details and clues that simultaneously answer narrative questions while creating new mysteries. From pop culture references to subtle nods to previous seasons to hints of what lies ahead, Easter eggs are everywhere. As observant viewers have come to expect, The dufer brothers plant clues that will lead to later satisfying payoffs, such as the origins of Vecna’s powers, an explanation for the Upside Down, and what will become of the small town of Hawkins and its eccentric residents, as well as the superpowered Eleven.

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The Clock Necklace of Ms. Kelly

Chrissy, Max, and other students of Hawkins High School receive treatment from guidance counselor Ms. Kelly for issues such as headaches, hallucinations, and depression. Vecna is able to take advantage of the trauma and guilt that each student experiences. When they see images of a grandfather clock and hear the ticking and chimes, they know he’s nearby. It’s possible that Vecna employs the Hellfire Club’s members to choose his targets, as Eddie explains to them. The clock pendant Ms. Kelly wears indicates that she may have been influenced by the arch-lich.

The Clock Necklace of Ms. Kelly

Eleven’s Door Left Open Exactly 3 Inches As Per Hop’s Instruction

Although he doesn’t exactly fit the criteria for her project on a famous historical figure, Hopper has always been important to Eleven. As a result of Hop’s death, Eleven’s life has been profoundly influenced in season four. Hopper instructed Eleven to leave her room door open by three inches whenever she had guests over in season 3. In season 4, she continues this, a small detail that serves as a powerful reminder of how much Hopper means to his adopted daughter.

Eleven's Door Left Open Exactly 3 Inches As Per Hop's Instruction

Will’s Sex Orientation

“It’s not my fault you don’t like girls!” Mike yelled at Will earlier in the series when he was spending most of his time with Eleven, one of many clues that his longtime friend might be gay. We see Will carrying around an Alan Turing poster in season 4, which is an iconic mathematician who was convicted of homosexuality in the early twentieth century. Using the time he spent on a mysterious painting, Will “likes someone” and will take it with him when he escapes his house with Mike, Jonathan, and Argyle. Will mystery is bound to hurt Robin’s story, but some fans will appreciate that he gets to reveal his identity on his own terms.

Will's Sex Orientation

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Dr. Brenner’s Crossword Puzzle

When Eleven supposedly murders all of the children being studied in Hawkins National Laboratory on September 8th, 1979, Dr. Brenner begins a crossword puzzle that takes him exactly ten minutes to complete. In the midst of his frenetic filling in of the rows and columns, the word “etiological” stands out. In the context of the show, this is what season 4 does with so many characters. Etiological basically means giving a history of something to explain a cause or reason for its existence. Vecna, Henry Creel, One, and even Eleven’s early days with the Nina project are all examined in this story. Eleven’s younger sister, Eight, is known as “Kali.”

Dr. Brenner's Crossword Puzzle

The Hellfire Club Is A Reference To X-Men

Metalhead Eddie Munson runs the Hellfire Club at Hawkins High, where Dustin and Mike are members, and he doesn’t like that everyone at school thinks they’re freaks because they play D&D. The Hellfire Club first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #129, released in 1980, as an elite secret society that fought against the X-Men. In the same vein, as the Hellfire Club Eddie Munson has created, the X-Men see the Hellfire Club as a threat because the club is full of wealthy villains. Even though they had their own agenda, some members like Emma Frost proved their detractors wrong by becoming superheroes. Hawkins must eventually come to see Eddie as more than a cowardly drug dealer, in the same way.

The Hellfire Club Is A Reference To X-Men

Phone Booth Graffiti

Steven Spielberg’s E.T. The Extra-terrestrial is referenced when Dustin has to make a phone call and the phonebooth has the words “E.T. phone home” carved above Dustin’s head. A young boy discovers an alien and agrees to protect it from government cronies in Season 1, much like the Spielberg classic. Even putting Eleven in a wig and escaping from Hawkins Lab workers on bikes as part of the season. Because Eleven (the “E.T.” in this case) is going home this season, this hidden detail is more specific. For the Nina project, she’s going back to the beginning by accessing her memories at Hawkins National Laboratory.

Phone Booth Graffiti

Horror Film Trivia

First, Vecna’s victims in season 4 of Stranger Things have unnaturally contorted bodies like Pinhead in Hellraiser while he portrays himself as an erudite villain who lives in an enormous creaking Victorian like Pinhead in the original Hellraiser. By mimicking the scene from Carrie in which the prom queen, elected in bad faith, gets pigs’ blood dropped on her to the delight of her peers, Eleven gets a milkshake dropped on her by the popular kids. At Pennhurst Mental Asylum, the hallway that Nancy and Robin walk down is nearly identical to the one Clarice Starling walks down in The Silence of the Lambs when she interviews Hannibal Lecter. It’s worth noting that Robert Englund, who played Freddy Kreuger in the original film, reprises his role as Creel. According to Dustin, Freddy’s eerie boiler room appears to resemble the location where Peter Ballard takes Eleven in episode seven.

horror film trivia

Quotes From Sherlock Holmes

Was it because they had to read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s literary works in high school that Dustin and Steve are fond of quoting Sherlock Holmes? When it comes to figuring out why it might be something else, it doesn’t take a super sleuth. As Holmes and Watson, Jeremy Brett, and David Burke first appeared on television in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, an A&E production that aired in 1984. Fans were introduced to a new generation of Sherlock Holmes devotees thanks to the popularity of the show, which aired for ten years. With his goofy demeanor, Dustin quotes Holmes in full, while Steve borrows from Dustin to impress Nancy and ends up the goofy one.

quotes from sherlock holmes

Skull Rock Looks Like Vecna’s D&D Lair

Vecna is the lich from Dungeons & Dragons that Dustin and his friends face in season four, in keeping with tradition. Stranger Things doesn’t show everything about D&D’s Vecna, but he does use the secrets of his victims against them. This makes Dustin a lot like the infamous wizard who became a lich because he craved more power, making him an excellent analogy for Vecna’s story. After Chrissy’s death, Eddie Munson retreats to Skull Rock, which resembles Vecna’s Citadel Cavities lair after he is exiled. Apparently, there is a gateway to the Upside Down not far from it.

Skull Rock Looks Like Vecna's D&D Lair

Is Surfer Boy Pizza And The Nina Project Actually Making Money?

New characters and subplots are introduced in Season 4, such as the enigmatic Nina project of Dr. Brenner and Jonathan’s friend Argyle, who works at Surfer Boy Pizza. When Argyle’s delivery fan carries Mike, Will, and Jonathan on their hunt for Nina project clues and what it has to do with Eleven’s powers, the two are inextricably linked. Both the number on the Surfer Boy Pizza van and the number rolled up in the agent’s pen can be called by fans to experience additional interactive content as clever Easter eggs.

Is Surfer Boy Pizza And The Nina Project Actually Making Money?