We Recommend 10 Fantastic Animated Science Fiction Films

10 Fantastic Animated Science Fiction Films: Everybody enjoys a good science fiction novel. From Star Wars to Star Trek, it appears as if moviegoers will never weary of the cosmos. But what about those who want their sci-fi to be a bit more animated?

No need to fear, for there is a plethora of outstanding science fiction animated movies for lovers of all ages. From anime landmarks to Pixar masterpieces, there are several sci-fi animated movies every film junkie has to check out.

Akira (1998)

Akira, which premiered in 1988, is widely regarded as a landmark in the history of anime. The film is set in a dystopian future where a young man named Tetsuo acquires superpowers after being involved in a motorcycle accident.

10 Fantastic Animated Science Fiction Films
10 Fantastic Animated Science Fiction Films

Because of these abilities, he gets mixed up in a sinister government project, and Neo-Tokyo as a whole is thrown into chaos as a result. Akira, even more than 30 years after its initial release, is still introducing people to anime. Fans of science fiction should watch this because of the cyberpunk setting, fantastic animation, and fascinating commentary.

Wall-E (2008)

WALL-E marked Pixar’s first foray into space and sci-fi animation, well before Lightyear. The film’s protagonist is a garbage-collecting robot that wanders a world where humans have long since vanished. Eventually, he gets to space and has a journey that alters the course of human history.

Even though many other Pixar movies have come out since WALL-E, it still stands out as an intriguing outlier. This is a Pixar film, and as such, it is truly out of this world thanks to the fantastic sound design and eye-popping visuals.

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001)

There is a lot of talk about Cowboy Bebop being one of the best anime shows of all time, but not much about the film adaptation. The film is set in the second half of the series and follows the Bebop crew as they confront a terrorist who plans to release a deadly virus on the people of Mars.

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie has everything that made the show so endearing to so many, though it isn’t as talked about as the series. Whether or not you’ve seen the show, there’s a lot to enjoy, from the interesting plot to the excellent music.

‘Treasure Planet’ (2002)

Twenty years after its first release, Disney’s Treasure Planet, directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, is still the company’s most well-known science fiction adventure. The film is a sci-fi adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson novel, and it chronicles the adventures of a young man named Jim Hawkins as he sets out on a perilous mission to locate the legendary Treasure Planet.

10 Fantastic Animated Science Fiction Films
10 Fantastic Animated Science Fiction Films

While it may not have done well at the box office when it first came out, the time has been kind to Jim Hawkins’ story. The stellar voice acting and fresh perspective on the cosmos suggest giving it another try.

Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Ghost in the Shell is another classic anime that has been praised for being a top-tier cyberpunk masterpiece. A synthetic human named Motoko Kusanagi searches for a mysterious hacker in this science fiction film set in the year 2029.

Despite the film’s failure at the box office, it has become a cult classic and an influence on films like The Matrix. There aren’t many cyberpunk stories as good as the first Ghost in the Shell, in the opinion of anyone who likes either genre.

The Transformers: Movie (1986)

Although live-action Transformers movies seem to be everywhere at the moment, there has only been one animated one. Many fan favourites were eliminated and new characters were introduced in Transformers: The Movie, which bridged the gap between the second and third seasons of the original cartoon.

Beautiful animation, a classic 80s score, and an amazing voice cast more than makeup for the fact that many will believe the film is little more than a toy pitch. Really, though, how could you refuse to see a film that stars Orson Welles in the role of a big robot?

Castle in the Sky (1986)

Fantastic animated features are nothing new for Studio Ghibli, but their first film, Castle in the Sky, stands out as one of the best science fiction films ever made. The story follows a boy and a girl in the late 1800s as they try to locate a long-lost castle.

On their travels, they are pursued by a wide variety of people eager to get their hands on the enigmatic crystal they carry. It’s not the most well-known Ghibli film, but the inventive steampunk setting and charming characters make it just as enjoyable as the studio’s other offerings. Studio Ghibli was born from this film, so how could it possibly be bad?

‘Titan A.E.’ (2000)

Titan A.E., the final film directed by Don Bluth, was a space opera produced by the short-lived Fox Animation Studios. In this animated robot film set several hundred years in the future, protagonist Cale Tucker embarks on a mission to protect a spaceship with the potential to create a new planet after Earth’s destruction.

10 Fantastic Animated Science Fiction Films
10 Fantastic Animated Science Fiction Films

Titan A.E. may have bombed at the box office, but it has a dedicated fan base. It’s no wonder that many people have fallen in love with Bluth’s last directorial effort, thanks to its distinctive voice cast, darker tone, and stellar art direction.

‘Robots’ (2005)

Science fiction flicks don’t have to take themselves too seriously to be entertaining. This is demonstrated by the 2005 comedy Robots, which follows inventor Rodney Copperbottom on a quest to bring his ideas to life.

It’s easy to see why Robots is still a fan favourite among adults who first saw the film as kids. The film has a fantastic cast and displays the artistry of William Joyce, so it should appeal to fans of science fiction of all ages.

‘Megamind’ (2010)

Today, superhero movies seem to be everywhere, but those with capes and tights as a central plot point are surprisingly rare in the animation genre. At least there’s Megamind, which shows the villain’s newfound freedom after vanquishing his archenemy Metro Man.

The comedy in Megamind is its strongest suit. It pokes fun at the standard conventions of the superhero genre while managing to feel fresh and new. Megamind’s witty spin on the superhero genre may be just what the doctor ordered for those who have had enough of the genre’s constant stream of movies.

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