18 Years Of Taarzan: The Wonder Car: Vatsal Sheth is humbled by the film’s BLOCKBUSTER reception on TV

Vatsal Sheth is humbled by the film’s BLOCKBUSTER reception on television, stating, “Kids who were born a long time after it was released are watching it and adoring it.” The Wonder Car, directed by Abbas-Mustan and released on August 6, 2004, may not have been a box office success. However, it has a massive fan base on television and ranks among Sooryavansham and Nayak.

The story of an automobile coming to life and exacting vengeance acquired an audience, particularly among children. Vatsal Sheth, who recently returned from the Maldives after celebrating his birthday, spoke exclusively to Bollywood Hungama about his recollections of working on this film, working with Ayesha Takia, and much more.

Taarzan Your first film was The Wonder Car. Could you please describe the procedure of bagging the film?

I met Abbas Bhai and Mustan Bhai, who was looking for the main protagonist. Our meeting went quite well. The following day, I received word that I had been selected for the project. It only took one meeting for me to land the project!

How Was It To Collaborate With Abbas-mustan?

They are simple, pleasant, honest, and direct. They treated me as if I were their own son. They are technically great, and they know their script quite well. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation.

Ayesha Takia Made Her Debut In Taarzan – The Wonder Car. How Was It Working With Her?

Yes, we were both beginners, and it was a pleasure to work with her. She is an excellent actor.

Were You Nervous, Particularly During The Romantic Scenes?

It was, after all, my first film. So, yes, I was nervous. However, the entire team was fantastic. I recall Amrish Ji making us feel so at ease. He would chat with us, which was quite helpful.

Did You Go To The Movies To See How Others Reacted?

I did, and it was incredible. However, the box office statistics were disappointing. It doesn’t matter anymore because it’s the top film on television. It must have broken all records. Even after so many years, it continues to receive high TRPs when airing on television. This demonstrates that there was something nice about the picture.

Taarzan – The Wonder Car Was Released On Your Birthday…

Yes. (Smiles) So it was a unique birthday present for me. On my birthday, I went to see the premiere. It was a memorable experience. Many of us remember you as the ‘Just Mohabbat’ kid when we were kids in the 1990s. Children born after 2000, on the other hand, are familiar with you because of Taarzan – The Wonder Car. What’s more, many of them were not even born when the movie was released in theatres!

Yes, many people recall Taarzan The Wonder Car. Sohail Bhai (Sohail Khan) recently texted me to inform me that his son, who was born after Taarzan – The Wonder Car was released, is obsessed with the film. And that is exactly what has happened: children born recently are watching it and enjoying it. This is an excellent feature of the picture. I suppose it was ahead of its time. At the 50th Filmfare Awards, Ayesha Takia was named Best Debut (Female). Surprisingly, no one received the award for Best Debut (Male), thus you did not win. Do you think it was unjust?

I honestly don’t remember. It would have been fantastic if I had received the honor. But, at the end of the day, I’m happy with the response and love I’ve received for the film. It doesn’t matter if you win an award or not.

Given The Reception To Taarzan – The Wonder Car, Don’t You Think It’s Past Time For Taarzan 2?

I’m not sure. You should ask the producer and directors this question. I’d like to be a part of it. You’ll soon be seen in Adipurush, one of the most anticipated films of 2023… Yes, and I am pleased and excited to be a part of it right now. When it gets out, everyone will go ‘OMG!’ I can’t say much about it, but it’s definitely exciting. Prabhas and Saif sir are among the cast members. Om Raut, a National Award winner, is the director. As a result, it’s a dream project as well as a dream role for me.

How is your Gujarati film, Hun Mari Wife Ne Ano Husband, coming along? It was shot a few years ago, and there were plans to release it in 2022…

We’d like to see a Diwali release. The release date would be known within a week or two.