In South Korea, Major Media Outlets Covered Jungkook’s Inclusion on Rolling Stone’s List of the “200 Greatest Singers of All Time”

200 Greatest Singers of All Time: As a solo artist, Jungkook has been busy adding to his growing list of accolades, with his name now shining brightly on the music charts and enjoying tremendous popularity on social media. He was the only Korean male singer to make a rolling stone list of the Greatest Singers of All Time.

Rolling Stone’s inclusion of him and IU in its list of the “Greatest Singers of All Time” was a source of national pride for South Korea. The news was covered by virtually every major national television outlet in the country. The information was covered by every major Korean newspaper, including Yonhap, TV Chosun, Hankook Ilbo, JoongAng Ilbo, Herald Economy, Chosun Ilbo, and many more.

200 Greatest Singers of All Time
200 Greatest Singers of All Time

Magazines such as Vogue Korea, W Korea, and GQ Korea covered Jungkook’s inclusion in Rolling Stone’s list of the “200 Greatest Singers of All Time” A writer for Vogue Korea called IU and Jungkook “the greatest singers of all time” in an article titled “The Greatest Singers of All Time.”

“Their names should not be left out of any discussion about contemporary Korean vocalists.” According to an article on Jungkook in GQ Korea:

Jungkook has been busy releasing many albums as a solo artist. He revitalized the annals of K-Pop and even pop music, earning him a spot on the list of “200 Greatest Singers.” For his part, K-Netizens have been praising Jungkook and IU, with one user describing him as “the male representative of Korea” in a trending post on the K-Community.

Both the male and female Korean representatives are fantastic. Two Koreans can be seen here. If you want to rejoice with us, please sing a duet.

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