40% Of California’s State Workers Remain Unvaccinated Despite Newsom’s Order

In spite of Gov. Gavin Newson’s Orders, Californian State Workers still boast a below-average percentage of vaccinations.

According to the data from the state’s Human Resources Department, to the dismay of Californian government officials such as Gov. Gavin Newsom, the amount of State Workers in California vaccinated against COVID-19  is not ideal. This is troubling to hear as not too long ago, California was being praised as the first state to implement measures to encourage the vaccination of State Workers and Health Care Workers, and his later try at making vaccinations mandatory for schoolchildren, similarly to Fauci’s stance on the matter.

The Data

According to the Sacramento Bee, The preliminary figures presented by department spokeswoman Camille Travis reveal that only about 62% of California’s State Workers are vaccinated. This is compared to a rate of 72% of all California. While the employee data remains incomplete as of the time, the current rate identified suggests that people were not affected by Gov. Newsom’s implemented measures.

Health and Human Services Secret Mark Ghaly was frustrated at the fruits of their work. This is particularly caused by the preventable death of a COVID-19 worker who had left behind his family. He expressed his stance and frustration in a Sept 28 Letter to State Employees.

“We haven’t done enough. Despite our work to avoid it, we have allowed an invaluable, life-saving health intervention (to) become more complicated, more polarizing, more confusing than anything seen before in modern medicine.” Ghaly deliberated in his letter.

No Reporting Vaccinations

62% isn’t a substantial percentage for the number of vaccinated state workers and health care workers. Some have taken the Vaccine but are yet to report that they have officially. One among those is the State Lottery district sales representative and Local 1000 Union Steward Paulin Vasquez, who admittedly has taken the Vaccine but has not officially reported it to be registered.

She expresses that she would like to be tested regularly despite being vaccinated as the lottery does not offer regular testing. This is due to the nature of her job, visiting grocery and liquor stores a dozen a day and subjecter herself to public environments where many people pass through.

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