From “Chainsaw Man” To “Eternal Boys,” Here Are 5 Anime Shows To Watch For This Fall

Autumn, how I love thee. The air is getting a little cooler (hopefully), pumpkin cold brew is back at Starbucks, and it’s the perfect time to get in the kitchen and start baking yummy foods. You know, for all the upcoming celebrations. That’s one of our favorite things about autumn, too. Meeting relatives, fretting over feasts, and… Maybe it’s not all warm sweaters and delicious snacks in the fall.

There’s a lot of pressure to keep up with everything this time of year, but your anime viewing schedule doesn’t have to be one of them! Check out these five options and let it handle the heavy lifting so you can sit back, relax, and take in all the delicious content (and your pumpkin cold brew!) In this article, we will discuss 5 anime shows.

Chainsaw Man

As the autumn anime season approaches, Chainsaw Man has quickly become one of the most anticipated shows. The show centers on Denji, a teenager who only wants to be normal. Unfortunately, Denji falls under the yakuza’s control and must murder devils with the help of his pet devil Pochita to pay off his mountain of debt. However, once his bargain with the yakuza expires, he meets his untimely end at the hands of a devil dispatched to take his life.

Denji’s body fuses with Pochita’s and he is suddenly resurrected… with the ability to transform his limbs into chainsaws! He decides to go on a mission to eliminate his foes using his newfound skills. This bloody action animation, created by the excellent studio MAPPA (Jujutsu Kaisen, Banana Fish), will premiere on October 12 and is certain to make your heart race. A part of 5 anime shows.

5 anime shows

Raven Of The Inner Palace (Koukyuu no Karasu)

Raven of the Inner Court (or Koukyuu no Karasu), a series about a woman who serves in the emperor’s palace as the Raven Consort, is attracting attention from fans of historical dramas and fantasy. She is rumored to be both ancient and youthful, able to perform any task from locating a lost item to dispelling a powerful curse. In hopes that she can lift a curse that has fallen upon him, the emperor pays her a visit, despite the fact that she does not serve him.

But this encounter was not purely coincidental, and it has now altered the course of history. Bandai Namco Pictures, the studio responsible for such anime classics as Tiger & Bunny and Gintama, always guarantees high-quality animation and a compelling story, and the teasers for this new series do not disappoint. If you enjoy stories with fantastical elements, you should tune in on October 1 when it premieres. A part of 5 anime shows.

5 anime shows

Bocchi The Rock!

Hitori Gotou, the protagonist of the slice-of-life comedy anime Bocchi the Rock!, is painfully bashful yet desperately wants to be in a band. She is still dedicated to mastering the guitar. One day, she crosses paths with Nijika Ijichi, a drummer who happens to be looking for a guitarist. Accompany her as she discovers a community of female musicians and begins to develop her own voice.

Despite the lack of story details at the moment, there is high anticipation for this anime because it is produced by CloverWorks (Spy x Family, The Promised Neverland) (or at the very least, a fun and enjoyable comedy.) It’s great for lovers of Given and Carole & Tuesday, as well as anyone who appreciates comedic slice-of-life stories. The October launch of this series is something you should definitely look forward to. A part of 5 anime shows.

Eternal Boys

You should know that the protagonists of the most watched anime are typically in their teens or early twenties and that they are constantly involved in some sort of exciting adventure. What, though, of the people whose stories are unfolding somewhere in the middle? Well, the fascinating world of corporate badminton in Ryman’s Club provided a mellow response to that question.

Get ready for Eternal Boys, a new series about six middle-aged men who have been cast out by society but are determined to show society wrong. They join an idol group despite not having the skills necessary to do so, and they face obstacles including learning to dance and sing and overcoming their age to become famous. Seeing older males given a chance to flourish in idol anime is wonderful.

Idol anime, a slice of life, and comedy enthusiasts should give LIDENFILMS’ (Tokyo Revengers, Kotaro Lives Alone) musically and comedically charged idol anime a try. If that seems like your cup of tea, or if you’re looking for an underdog story in the vein of Uta no Prince-Sama or Starmyu, then you should definitely tune in when the series begins on October 11. A part of 5 anime shows.

Blue Lock

Blue Lock, a sports anime about Yoichi Isagi, a striker for his high school soccer team who messed up his team’s chances of winning the national championship by giving the ball to a teammate instead of firing a goal, is another highly anticipated title coming out this fall. As a result, coach Junpachi Ego picks him to compete in the Blue Lock, a prison-like institution where three hundred strikers from high schools around Japan are locked and pitted against each other until only one stands.

The victor gets to play center-forward for the Japanese national team, while the losers are forever banned from trying out for the squad. Yoichi thinks that being chosen is his best chance to become the best striker in the world. However, is it necessary for him to develop a sense of entitlement and conceit in order to achieve his goals? Sports fans, as well as those who enjoy action and exaggerated storylines, will enjoy this anime. When it comes out on October 9, make sure to give it a shot. A part of 5 anime shows.

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