54 Thrones Shark Tank, Net Worth, Founder in Details Update 2022!

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In Shark Tank episode 1303, Christina Tegbe seeks funding for 54 Thrones, a line of African botanical skincare products. While cleaning out her bathroom, she discovered that her skincare products, which she had previously worked with as a health care consultant, were laced with harmful chemicals. As a native of Nigeria, she began thinking about the Shea butter her aunts would send back with her when she visited.

She quit her job as a consultant in 2015 and started her own company. Traveling to many African nations, she found locals who could make all-natural, African-based items for her. You may get pure Shea butter and Baobab Oil in her collection from Ghana. Moroccan products include Argan oil, Beldi Soap, and Rosewater. Her brand features butter, soaps, and lotions sourced from dozens of African countries, all of which are organic and free of harmful chemicals.

An allusion to the continent’s 54 countries can be found in the term 54 Thrones. It is a component of Sephora’s 2021 Accelerate program, which provides hands-on education in business development for black-owned beauty entrepreneurs. All Sephora locations carry Christina’s products, as do some Neiman Marcus locations.

Most likely, Christina is looking for a Shark to assist with her online marketing efforts. Is this a business that a Shark would be interested in investing in?

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What Kind Of Shark Tank Is 54 Throne?

54 Thrones is a cosmetics company that specializes in African-themed beauty products. 54 Thrones uses African ingredients, including Egyptian lavender, Moroccan mint butter, Ugandan vanilla, an Ethiopian honey butter, in their products. Shea butter, which is extracted from African shea tree nuts, is the common ingredient in all of these products.

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Do You Know Who Founded 54 Thrones, And How Many Are There?

54 Thrones was founded by Christina Tegbe, whose Nigerian aunt introduced her to African skincare products when she was a child. Previously, Tegbe worked as a health care consultant for large corporations. And then she helps run the day-to-day activities of the 54 thrones. It’s no surprise that Christina Tegbe is so enthusiastic about African skincare that she has earned two master’s degrees in the field. This is the first time I’ve heard of a woman making her own shea butter and argan oil in Africa after quitting her job. After that, she became involved in the 54 thrones product line.

Shark Tank Recap: Game Of Thrones 

Christina seeks $250,000 for 10% of her African skincare firm in the Shark Tank. As a child, she remembers receiving shipments of Shea butter from her African relatives. She then brings out one of the Sharks’ buckets. Robert wants a towel because he overused the samples before the Sharks. They learn that she is a first-generation American raised with a strong sense of national pride by her father.

She resigned from her position as a Healthcare Administrator and cashed in her 401K to travel to Africa, where she became fascinated by the producers of African beauty products. When she was traveling, she decided to develop her own skincare brand, collaborating with the local craftspeople she encountered.

Despite just spending $8000 on marketing, 2020 sales amounted to $500,000. Because of Oprah’s Favorite Things, we saw an increase in sales. The previous total was $300,000 throughout the course of one’s lifetime. This year’s $1 million sales projection is based on her current sales projections for 2021. Sephora and Nordstrom have also signed on as retail partners. In 2020, 75 percent of sales were made directly to consumers, while 25 percent were sold in retail stores. In 2021, she believes, those figures will be reversed. Creating one bottle costs $12 and sells for $80, making it one of the most expensive products on the market.

Robert, despite the profit margins, declares he’s done with the firm. As a result of Mark’s lack of understanding of the music industry, he’s out of the running for the job. Kevin says he doesn’t see where he can contribute value. Lori says she has a conflict of interest, she’s out. In the words of Nirav’s wife, who worked at Neutrogena for eight years, “she gets it” when it comes to skincare. He offers to put up half the cash if another Shark will go in with him. Kevin claims he’ll take a 20% cut. With 15%, Christina responds. Because he wants the business so much, Nirav claims that he’ll take less stock than Kevin. Mr. Wonderful receives 10%, and Nirav gets 7.5 percent, after Christina counters with 17/5 percent.

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Shark Tank 54’s Season Finale Details

Name 54 Thrones
Net Worth (2022) $1.4 Million *Approx
Business Shea-Butter Based Skincare
Entrepreneur Christina Tegbe
Asked For $250,000 For 10%
Deals $250,000 For 17.5%
Shark Nirav Tolia And Kevin O’Leary
Monthly Income $5,000

54 Throne Shark Tank: New Information And Pictures

In the market, you can still find 54 Thrones. It has a cult following due to its African roots. Nordstrom, its website, and other retailers carry its merchandise. People of various races, especially those who want to commemorate their African background, are the company’s primary customers. In order to maintain a steady supply of goods, the company relies on African imports. This makes doing business with the countries from which the raw components for these skincare products are sourced simpler.

There will be significant growth in the company’s sales of skincare products in the long run. 54 Thrones aims to highlight that Africa has a long history of producing luxury and prestige goods that can be exported around the world. It appears that Christina Tegbe is going a step forward in her search for African-themed beauty products by showcasing the travel and uniqueness of each African country on social media and other sources.

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The Net Worth Of 54 Thrones

1.4 million dollars was the net value of 54 Thrones at the time of Shark Tank’s investment. All of the company’s cosmetics may be found on e-commerce sites like Amazon. Since receiving money from Shark Tank, this brand’s items have been selling very well. It’s anticipated that 54 percent of The Throne’s net worth will be $1.4 million in 2022.

How Do I Purchase 54 Thrones?

The 54 thrones merchandise is available on a variety of outlets, including Amazon, the official website, and others. To order from Amazon, first, click on the link provided. You’ll be taken to the product’s page. Simply click on the BUY NOW button to proceed with the purchase.