9 Area Codes In California Will Be Subject To 10-Digit Dialing Come Sunday   

In a recent development, folks who are using nine California area codes which include the 530 area code alongside numbers coming from Placerville, Marysville, Yuba City, Auburn, Woodland, Grass Valley, South Lake Tahoe, Davis, and north of the capital of the Sacramento Valley will be ordered to dial using 10 digits to make a call. This is the result of a recent update within the federal rules focused on giving ease of access to the country’s crisis resources.

Due to federal changes


The federal tweak is said to affect an additional eight area codes in California, including Modesto and Stockton’s 209 area codes. Further, those using the 279 and 916 area codes of Sacramento won’t be able to spot a change since they’ve been punching in those additional numbers for about three years now, according to The Sacramento Bee.

With that in mind, thousands of Californians will have to dial the phone number’s area code they wish to contact first before the actual number.

The majority of mobile phones are, as of late, automatically adding “1” before the dialed area codes. It is said that such is needed to complete calls, not to mention adds up to 11 digits. However, some affected Californians may require to include a “1” before the area code manually.

Residents who fail to follow the sequence mentioned above in dialing a number will have their call deemed as not completed by the system. Additionally, they will be asked to hang up and redial the number with the following sequence.

Affected California area codes


As for the affected California area, codes are 925, 951, 949, 209, 530, 707, 650, 562, and 626. Individuals whose phone number starts with any of the numbers mentioned will just have to include additional digits whenever they try to make an in-area call.

The U.S. currently has 82 area codes that work alongside a seven-digit calling, including the nine California as mentioned earlier numbers. Further, these area codes utilize 988 as a main office exchange code as these allow for ease in dialing.

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