9 Wonderful Celebrity Game Moments from Last Night’s Tonight Show.

Now we want to play “Box of Lies.” 

The celebrity games are some of the best parts of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show, is a master of games, and he has brought many of them to the show. They are fun, wacky, and make the celebrities feel competitive. There have been so many famous and widely shared moments from these games that it would be impossible to choose the best ones. So instead, we’re going back to nine of them that makes us happy. Watching them will give you your daily laugh.

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“Box of Lies”

There are nine boxes, and each one has a strange thing inside. The celebrity picks a box and either tells the truth or lies about what’s inside it to Fallon. Fallon has to guess if they’re telling the truth or not. Then Fallon picks a box, and a famous person has to guess what’s in it.

Jennifer Lawrence is an actress.

When the Oscar winner said, “There’s a very strange thing inside my box,” we knew we were in for a funny bit.

Emily Blunt is an actress.

I like the record player that looks like a pepperoni pizza.

Cardi B

Don’t forget when the rapper made a joke during “Box of Lies” that was so funny that Fallon had to leave the stage for a second.

“The Whisper Challenge”

One person puts on headphones that block out noise. The other person takes a card and reads what it says. The person with the headphones has to try to guess what they said.

Bryce Dallas Howard is an actress.

Who would have thought that “cinnamon bun” could also mean “sleeping number”?

Amanda Seyfried

She was the first well-known person to get this game right from the start.

Margot Robbie

“Fuggedaboutit,” in a single word.


There are two groups of two teams each. A password is given to one person on each team. Then, that person gives their teammate one-word hints to help them figure out the password.

Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Carell, and Reese Witherspoon were all there.

What do you think DeGeneres told Fallon to help him figure out the password if “Booty” is it?

Questlove and Tariq from the band The Roots and Taraji P.

Watching Questlove act like Robert DeNiro is the best thing ever.

Together, Questlove, Rachel Dratch, and Sadie Sink

Salt + colada = margarita, obviously!

There’s good news if you’re looking for additional Passwords. On August 9th, NBC will air a new version of the classic game as its own program. Hosted by Keke Palmer, episodes will include Jimmy Fallon.