A 5-Year-Old Boy Was Found 39 Days After His Mother Was Killed

S.C. ORANGEBURG (WIS) – When her father was detained for murder in Virginia on Friday afternoon, the search for a missing kid in Orangeburg County came to an end.

Updates on the widely publicized disappearance of 5-year-old Aspen Jeter were provided at a press conference conducted by the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) on Friday afternoon.

The girl was found safe after her father was taken into custody in the Danville, Virginia, hospital parking lot, according to Sheriff Leroy Ravenell.

When 46-year-old Crystal Jumper’s body was found by OSCO deputies on Thanksgiving Day during a wellness check, Aspen was first reported missing. Since November 1st, no one had heard from her. As a result of a gunshot wound to her upper body, OSCO later ruled the death be a homicide.

Antar Antonio Jeter, 46, Aspen’s father, was initially the focus of the investigation because he was reportedly residing in Crystal’s house at the time of her murder. OSCO accused Jeter of grand larceny for stealing Crystal’s blue 2015 Mazda as detectives increased their search for him.

On December 9, Jeter received a second arrest warrant accusing him of killing Crystal. The warrant claims that on November 1, Jeter intentionally shot and killed Crystal and left the country with their biological daughter.

A number of “transactions” that Jeter made in Virginia were witnessed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). When this information reached the Danville Police Department on Friday at 12:40 pm, Jeter was taken into custody without a hitch. He was driving the stolen Mazda 6 that was registered in Crystal’s name, according to investigators.

Aspen, a 5-year-old, will be picked up in Danville, Virginia, according to Sheriff Ravenell. They also have the responsibility of carrying out the ongoing investigation. Jeter’s extradition hearing has not been scheduled for a court date.

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