A Silent Voice 2 Release Date Status, Cast & Other Details You Need to Know Right Now!

I never expected that the phrase “A Silent Voice 2” would be so beloved by weebs all around the globe. That a person might appear perfectly normal on the surface, but be utterly deranged on the inside, was well portrayed in this movie. In this anime, regardless of whether you’re male or female, crying is a natural reaction.

Director Naoko Yamada and screenwriter Reiko Yoshida worked together to develop the film’s emotional themes. The film’s startling ending prompted some fans to speculate about a sequel.

A Silent Voice 2: Release Date

A sequel to this film, which is based on a short manga, has yet to be announced. First-film spoilers indicate that much of the manga’s overall story arc and important plot points have already been digested. As a stand-alone picture, “A Silent Voice” does not appear to have a sequel in the works.

Only seven volumes of the original manga were drawn by Yoshitoki ima. ‘ Much of the novel’s plot remained intact in the film’s script. There will be no further developments in the story at this time. In the film, the plot ended up. People are curious as to what will happen to them once they become aware of this in old age.

When they find out that Shoya is engaged, everyone wants to know if they’ll get married. There are countless options, but this is the best we can do for the person in question right now.

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Release Dates For Parts

  • 16th of September, 2016: A Silent Voice 1 will be released.
  • The release date for A Silent Voice 2 has not yet been announced.

A Silent Voice Storyline

Manga-based A Silent Voice tells the story of Ishida Shoya, an 18-year-old high school student. A deaf girl named Nishimiya Shoko was placed in his class when he was in elementary school, but the majority of her classmates didn’t get along well with her.

In the name of fun, Ishida and his friends tormented Nishimiya for hours on end. She gets picked out for Nishimiya’s abuse when she leaves the school where she had been enrolled. As a result, Ishida was subjected to taunts and ostracism from his peers. The ramifications of his past deeds haunted Ishida as he went through high school. First time in his life, he was trying to right the wrongs that had been done to him.

A Silent Voice 2 Storyline

A low-pitched voice with a high lilt spoke. There’s no word yet on whether or not an A Silent Voice 2 will be produced. Only seven volumes of Yoshitoki Imoriginal a’s manga were published. They have rewritten all of the material for the film. There’s no way to know what occurs next in the plot right now, unfortunately.

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The film’s main arc ends. They’re aware of this, but they’re curious to see how the characters’ adult lives would evolve. Everybody is interested in Nishimiya and Shoyo’s nuptials. In contrast to the film, which solely dealt with their existing position, there are endless possibilities.

However, Yoshitoki ima went above and beyond what we’d ever expected to witness. It’s priceless that Shoyo was able to observe the faces of everyone at the festival from his vantage point in the heart of the action. Lit(Var) – A Silent Voice by Kensuke Ushio is the appropriate accompaniment to the video.

A Silent Voice 2: Is it possible that New Media will release a sequel?

Despite the film’s favourable reception, many manga fans were unimpressed. In order to make a single film, a great deal of the story’s and characters’ backstories had to be eliminated. There was a lot of emotion packed into the unusually extended running time of A Silent Voice.

Story and character development could be explored more in a series, but there is opportunity for improvement. In some cases, existing media may stimulate the development of new forms of communication. As an illustration, a follow-up series to Nishimiya Shoko, the protagonist’s younger sister, may focus on Nishimiya Shoko’s personal growth and discovery after the film finishes.

Visual novels based on the story could expand on the universe of the movie in a video game. For example, this would allow players to discover more about people and their backstory.

A Silent Voice: Trailer

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Final Lines

Although the picture has been in theatres for five years, there has been no official word on whether or not a sequel will be developed. As a result, there is no more material to follow after this adaptation of the major source material.

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