What Are The Best Action Korean Dramas On Netflix?

 r right away. Here are a few Netflix thrillers that are worth watching all at once if you like your usual Netflix routine with a side of excitement.

Even people who like routines can get bored with the same things over and over again. Now that streaming platforms are available, you can jump on the entertainment roller coaster whenever you want, right from your couch. So, even though there are a lot of choices, the most interesting ones right now are from South Korea. Action-themed K-dramas is a must-watch because they have original plots, high production values, stylish clothes, exciting action scenes, and the most attractive cast.

We’d even go so far as to say that they’ll hook you faster than a romantic comedy. Also, nothing is quite as exciting as seeing Song Joong-ki use a measuring tape to hang a bad guy over a ledge. Or Ji Chang-Wook jumped from rooftop to rooftop as special agents chased him. Here are the best action Korean dramas on Netflix, according to us. In this article, we will discuss Action K-Dramas on Netflix.

These Best Action K-Dramas Are Particularly Binge-Worthy


In this fast-paced story, Cha Dal-geon, a stuntman who is having trouble making a living, has to deal with a terrible plane crash that kills everyone on board, including his beloved nephew. He starts his own investigation when he doesn’t get answers or quick action. Go Haeri, an agent for South Korea’s National Intelligence, was his only backup. Together, they pull apart a web of shady dealings in politics. You can expect well-choreographed fight scenes, chases at high speeds, and a lot of gunfire. We don’t know what else will make your heart beat faster than that. A part of Action K-Dramas on Netflix.



In one of the most popular action shows, Healer, we see how a “night courier,” or a person who runs errands for a living, moves high-value items for well-off clients without being seen. When he is asked to find a girl, though, his life takes an interesting turn. Also important? An old murder case was centered around a group of rebellious journalists who ran an illegal radio station. From the beginning, the show is full of stunts and action-packed scenes, with high kicks and sharp right hooks. Also, if you like spy thrillers, this is perfect for you. A part of Action K-Dramas on Netflix.


Taxi Driver

This action K-drama is a must-see because it is based on crimes that happened in Korea. It tells the story of Kim Do-ki, a former member of the UDT whose mother was killed by a serial killer. He is now a taxi driver. He drives a German reporter from Seoul to Gwangju so that he can cover an uprising, but he ends up in the middle of a fight.

How about this? The taxi company he works for might not be what it seems to be, since they offer a “revenge-call” service that is as horrible as it gets. Some of the best action scenes in the history of K-dramas happen in this show, right outside a garage, on a roof, or in a warehouse. Expect to have your heart in your throat the whole time. A part of Action K-Dramas on Netflix.

Descendants Of The Sun

This classic Korean drama is known for helping to spread the Hallyu (Korean) wave around the world. It shows how Captain Yoo Shi-jin of the South Korean Special Forces and Dr. Kang Mo-yeon of Haesung Hospital live their lives. The two try to get together despite their busy lives. Fate brings them to the made-up country of Urk, which is in the middle of a war.

There, a team of doctors works with the army to keep the peace and help people who are sick. Even though this show is mostly about love, it has a lot of scary scenes, like when a car falls off a cliff or when a dangerous international mafia boss holds the lead at gunpoint. A lot of shots are fired, and people also punch each other. This is sure to keep you interested. A part of Action K-Dramas on Netflix.

Descendants Of The Sun

The K2

In this action-packed K-drama, a former mercenary soldier is accused of killing his civilian lover Raniya. He is now on the run and uses the alias K2 to work as a bodyguard under the radar. He is hired to protect the daughter of a powerful family. What happens next is a series of fight scenes that will make you gasp, with well-done roundhouse kicks, rough punches, and messy car chases. Even though the story isn’t very good, the action scenes alone are worth watching the show for. Also, Ji Chang-Wook (K2) is known in the K-drama world as one of the best action heroes, and this series is some of his best work. A part of Action K-Dramas on netflix.


This crime drama is one of the most talked-about K-dramas in recent years. It follows the life of Vincenzo Cassano, a member of the Italian mafia who goes back to his home country of South Korea to settle some important matters. But things don’t go as planned, and he ends up helping a strange lawyer named Hong Cha-young and the strange people who live in a building that is about to be torn down by a corrupt company. A part of Action K-Dramas on netflix.

Cha-young and Vincenzo work together to figure out some of the most confusing cases. Along the way, they have to deal with thieves, deal with threats, and lose people who are close to them. You’ll be hooked just by making plans. Still, since the main idea of the show is that “only evil can punish evil,” you can be sure that no one will be spared in this one.


My Name

This series is a revenge-driven action thriller that focuses on women. It’s about Yoon Ji-woo, who joins a gang to get revenge for the death of her father. Choi Mu-jin trains her there to join the police force without being seen. The rest of the movie is full of well-paced action scenes with hard hits, quick escapes, and big reveals. Surprisingly violent, the show deals with a lot of drugs, deaths, and other dark things. Aside from that, it’s exciting and refreshing to see a woman in charge of all the action. This one hits hard. A part of Action K-Dramas on netflix.

Flower Of Evil

This show is about a couple who lie to each other: detective Cha Ji-won and her husband Baek Hee-sung. At first glance, the second man seems to be a loving husband and a good parent to their daughter. But Hee-sung has a secret life that his family doesn’t know about. He does this to hide his cruel and shameful past. But his life takes a sharp turn when his wife takes up the case to find out about the psychopathic things he did in the past. Prepare for some of the most exciting action scenes ever, including knife fights, hand-to-hand fights, and more. A part of Action K-Dramas on netflix.