After Ever Happy Release Date: Who will play Hardin and Tessa in This Movie?

After Ever Happy Release Date: The fourth movie in the series based on YA romance novels by Anna Todd, After Ever Happy, features college students Tessa and Hardin continuing their turbulent relationship.

Before the franchise changed its focus to spin-offs, including a Hardin prequel and a series centered on Tessa and Hardin’s children, the movie was initially intended to be the last chapter in Tessa and Hardin’s story.

However, a shocking Instagram post revealed that the fifth film with Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin was also in production. The information thrilled the show’s devoted followers, especially those who have previously seen After Ever Happy and are curious about what will happen next.

If not, continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Happy Ever After, including a peek at the trailer, information on the cast and plot, and where you can watch it.

After Ever Happy Release Date

The movie premiered in Europe in August before opening in theaters in the US on September 7. On September 23, After Ever Happy became available only on Prime Video in the UK. Want to know what happens to Tessa and Hardin moving forward but don’t have a membership?

A free trial of Prime Video is available. It will be added to US Netflix, as has been the case with the other movies in the trilogy, and its Twitter account confirmed that it would debut on Christmas Day.

After Ever Happy Plot

Tessa Young and Hardin Scott’s respective parts will be played again by Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin. Tessa has previously appeared in films as a devoted student and a similarly devoted daughter. Her world spins out of control when the mysterious Hardin Scott enters it after living a guarded college life and having nothing but lofty goals.

Hardin’s skeletons hiding in his closet are the reason for his infamous reputation, and it’s only a matter of time before they all break free. Besides her work on the After series, Langford is well-known for her role as Emma Cunningham in Netflix’s Moxie, while Tiffin is well-known as Lord Voldemort’s 11-year-old nephew in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Trish Daniels, Hardin’s mother (Louise Lombard), also reappears in After Ever Happy. Despite their distance, Trish loves her son as much as a mother loves her child. Ken’s ex-wife, Trish, divorced him because of his alcoholism.

Trish has a forgiving nature and rarely gets angry, despite the anguish she experiences due to a tragic occurrence in her own house. Louise Lombard is scheduled to feature in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer and has a long list of cinema and television projects to her name.

In the third film, After We Fell, Stephen Moyer portrays Christian Vance, Tessa’s supervisor at Vance Publishing, who is subsequently revealed to be Hardin’s father.

Previously, Trish and Vance became close when Trish split from Ken. Vance establishes a working relationship with his secretary Kimberly after relocating to America to start his prosperous publishing company (Arielle Kebbel).

Initially platonic, their relationship quickly develops into something passionate and results in engagement. Fans of True Blood would recognize Moyer from his portrayal of the vampire Bill Compton on the HBO series.

Landon Gibson, a fictional character played by Chance Perdomo, is a fellow Washington Central University student who befriends Tessa and grows to be her closest friend and confidant.

Smart and well-behaved Landon’s mother, Karen (Frances Turner), is engaged to Hardin’s estranged father, Ken Scott (Rob Estes), making Landon the prospective stepbrother for Hardin in the future.

Kiana Madeira, who first appeared in After We Fell, is back on screen in After Ever Happy as Nora, the boisterous and disobedient love interest of the quiet and uncomfortable Landon.

In the fourth film, Carter Jenkins will return to the role of Robert, Tessa’s love interest. Returning as Tessa’s severe and commanding mother, Carol Young (Mira Sorvino), exhibits parenting behaviors due to being abandoned by her now destitute ex-husband Richard Young (Atanas Srebrev).

After Ever Happy Cast

We haven’t received an official cast announcement for After Everything beyond the title confirmation, but we can make two specific assumptions. As Tessa Young and Hardin Scott, respectively, Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin will return since an After movie wouldn’t be the same without them.

Despite the teaser confirming Louise Lombard and Stephen Moyer as Hardin’s parents, Trish Daniels and Christian Vance, we are still unsure who else will return. We anticipate that characters like Landon, played by Chance Perdomo, and Nora, played by Kiana Madeira, who has since moved in with Landon, will return. We can’t say for sure, though, that they will be.

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After Ever Happy Trailer

Yes! After Ever Happy’s official trailer dropped on July 14, enraging fans. In the video, we see the ups and downs, the rollercoaster of the couple’s relationship, and plenty of se* scenes and arguments as they deal with being apart. Hardin’s book project also threatens to publicize their sinister love affair. In advance of the movie’s September release, a second teaser trailer debuted on April 7.

As Hardin absorbs the horrific familial revelations that were revealed in After We Fell, Tessa and Hardin continue to doubt the stability of their marriage in the one-minute film. Tessa narrates toward the dramatic conclusion of the trailer, “All of us have demons.”

When you think you’ve defeated them, it suddenly becomes clear that they weren’t your demons in the first place. At the end of 2021, the first teaser for the final book in the After series was made public. Once more, Hardin and Tessa are shown in a drama-filled supercut talking about the future of their relationship.

Tessa states in the voiceover, “I felt we had a love that was out of a novel, and no matter how difficult it was, we would endure telling the story.” She says when Hardin reassures her that their love will last, “I don’t want to endure. I wish to live.” I’m sorry I couldn’t fix you, she concludes.

Who will play Hardin and Tessa in After Ever Happy?

As Tessa Young and Hardin Scott, respectively, Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin reprise their roles in the movie. The plot builds on the idea of the previous three movies. The movie After Ever Happy had its global debut on August 10 in London and went on general release on September 7 in theaters.

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