Air Gear Season 2: Canceled? But Why? Is There Any Hope For Return?

Fans of this sports anime have been clamoring for a sequel for almost fifteen years now. Air Gear Season 2 has yet to receive a renewal, so there will be no new episodes.

However, as fans, we always want to know if our favorite anime will return. Everything you need to know about Air Gear’s near-cancellation can be found here. Ito gure, better known as Oh! great wrote and illustrated the original Japanese manga series for Air Gear.

The manga began in 2003 and ended in July 2012 with 37 volumes. During its serialization, the series attracted enough attention to warrant an anime adaptation. The television show premiered in April 2006 and aired through September of the same year.

Air Gear Season 2: Release Date

If Toei Animation (or any other studio) decides to renew the sequel in a few years, the new season could arrive early. Even so, the release date could be as late as 2022. Waiting for an official announcement is always a good idea. As soon as we learn more, we’ll post it here, along with an exact release date.

Did you enjoy the sports anime’s first season? Season 2 of Air Gear has already begun.

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Why Is Air Gear Season 2 Not Renewed Yet?

In spite of the fact that viewers had previously seen sports anime, the concept of Air Gear (inline skating) captivated many. The result has been a 15-year clamor from fans demanding a sequel. However, low ratings and revenue are two of the main reasons why it’s difficult to get a renewal. Although it had an interesting theme, the anime didn’t do as well as it could have.

It’s important to remember that the show was panned because of its harrowing and underwhelming plot. In terms of quality, the first season was impressive. The soundtrack and several character arcs were particularly well received by the show’s audience. However, none of the positive aspects of the film could compensate for the bad script.

Thus, Season 1 received a mixed reception from critics and viewers alike. As a result, the series was unable to bring in enough money.

Due to poor ratings and sales for the first season, Air Gear Season 2 will have a difficult time being renewed. For this reason, it’s possible that Toei Animation will pass on a project that isn’t financially viable. However, if another studio is interested in producing the sequel, it could be revived.Air Gear Season 2

Is There Any Hope For Air Gear Season 2?

Despite its financial failure, the anime’s first season amassed a massive following. Social media and online petitions give fans the power to save or support their favorite shows in the modern era. Before, a great deal of anime was given the green light solely due to demand from the public.

On the other hand, it took anywhere from ten to twenty years for animated series like Full Metal Panic! and Berserk to return. As a result, there is hope for the second season of Air Gear.

As of right now, the Air Gear anime series still has the potential to make a strong comeback in the anime community. However, despite the fact that the sequel will be a risk, it could succeed if the creators work hard on the story and stick to the source material. A large number of shows are currently in development at Toei Animation as of this year.

As a result, it’s possible that the studio will delay picking up Air Gear Season 2 for a while. The second season has a slim chance of being renewed unless other studios show an interest.

Is There Enough Source Material?

Air Gear Season 2’s continuation is dependent on the availability of source material. However, the sports anime has more than enough material for a full season of production. There are a total of 37 volumes in the Air Gear manga series.

The original material was also included in the first season of the television show, which adapted the first 12 volumes of the source material. While the anime’s two OVAs ate up the plots of Volumes 16, 23, and 24 in the process.

It’s for this reason that only a small portion of the manga has yet to be made into an anime. We have plenty of material to work with for Part 2. However, if Season 2 is renewed, the show’s creators will still have enough material for a third season if necessary.

For the time being, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the anime will be given another chance to prove itself.Air Gear Season 2

Plot Of Air Gear Season 2

Advanced skating technology’s newest innovation is known as Air Treks (or AT for short). Special security measures have been put in place to ensure that this technology does not advance at an unspecified rate, despite its widespread adoption across the globe.

A group of adrenaline junkies known as “Storm Riders” has figured out a way to unlock the full potential of the gadget.

An increasing number of people who want to maintain control over the streets use ATs for exploration and covert combat. Road fights have made Itsuki Minami, a typical high school student, famous during this tumultuous period.

In order to achieve fame and fortune, he will do anything and everything in his power to overcome these obstacles. With the help of his friends Kazuma Mikura and Onigiri, he is ready to take on any challenge that comes his way.

At this point, his good fortune and his desire to soar to new heights begin to align as he discovers a pair of Air Treks in his own home.

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Cast Of Air Gear Season 2

Ringo Nayomano

The story’s female protagonist, Ringo, has known Ikki since they were both children. As a twenty-something woman, she has reddish-purple hair that reaches to her waist. The majority of the time, she wears her hair back in two long double buns with a small border on her forehead.

Itsuki Minami

There is no anime without Itsuki, also known as Ikki, as the central idol. Additionally, Itsuki has connections to a number of school organizations before the anime begins, and these connections eventually manifest themselves in his unique appearance as a member of the unique Air Trek Team.

Kazuma Mikura

A close friend and confidant of Itsuki’s are Kazuma Mikura, better known as Kazu. While his parents are away on a business trip, he shares a home with his older sister and the Air Trek team Kogarasumaru. He is a normal-height young man with bleached hair and sky-blue eyes who stands at an average height.

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Trailer Of Air Gear Season 2

Air Gear’s second season has not yet had a trailer released for it. As soon as we have any official information about next season, we’ll let you know right away. Until then, you can watch the first season’s episodes and trailer to get an idea of the story.

Filming Of Air Gear Season 2

Although Air Gear season 2 has yet to begin filming, it will soon. We will update this section if we learn more about the filming.

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Will The Fans Ever See Air Gear Season 2?

Honestly, it’s a long shot. After Noragami failed to bring in enough money, the creators decided to stop making anime like it. There is a sizable following for Noragami. Despite this, they decided to call it a night. In addition, the Air Gear fan base is quite average, and it has been fourteen years since the show debuted, so many of its supporters have already given up on it.

TOEI animation, on the other hand, has a lot on its plate right now. The second season of Dragon Ball Super has already been postponed. Air Gear is unlikely to be renewed for a second season at a time like this because of this. You should therefore believe that there will be no second season of Air Gear.

Final Thoughts

Air Gear still holds promise for us, despite the mixed reviews we’ve received. Season 2 has the potential to prove that the popular anime was rigged in the first season. Consequently, it appears that a new season can be obtained at this time. Become a member of our group to stay up-to-date on everything Air Gear 2.

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