Air Quality Advisory Is In Effect For Several Oregon Counties Due To Smoke

The air quality advisory for Curry, Jackson and Josephine counties was extended by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality on Thursday owing to the likelihood of heavy smoke from the Rum Creek Fire at sporadic intervals.

On top of that, localized impacts from adjacent fires have DEQ anticipating moderate to unhealthy smoke in Central and Northeastern Oregon on and off until at least Tuesday. Wallowa, Baker, eastern Grant, Deschutes, eastern Lane, and southern Douglas counties are included.

If you’re wondering when the smoke might be better or worse in Southwest and Central Oregon, you can check the daily outlooks provided by the state of Oregon. Weather conditions can have a significant impact on smoke levels. You may find up-to-date information about the smoke situation in Oregon by visiting the DEQ’s Air Quality Index or by installing the free Oregon AIR app on your smartphone.

Tobacco smoke is known to aggravate existing respiratory and ocular disorders. Infants and young children, those with preexisting medical conditions including heart or lung illness, the elderly, and pregnant women are at the most risk.

Air Quality Advisory Is In Effect For Several Oregon Counties Due To Smoke
Air Quality Advisory Is In Effect For Several Oregon Counties Due To Smoke

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the dangerous effects of smoke: If at all possible, stay inside. Close all the windows and doors. If it gets too hot, turn on the air conditioning’s recirculation setting or look for a new place to stay. Don’t go out and do something too taxing.

Filter the air in your home using a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter using a central air conditioning system or a portable air purifier. Alternatively, you can make your own air filter with the help of these guidelines. Always keep an eye out for a smoke and stay away from areas with excessive amounts.

When the Air Quality Index is moderate or healthy (yellow or green), it is safe to open windows and doors. Be sure to stick to your prescribed breathing treatment and replenish any necessary drugs if you suffer from a respiratory disorder. Smoke contains dangerous particles that can only be breathed in, and cloth, dust, and surgical masks don’t do anything to stop that.

NIOSH-approved N95 or P100 respirators may provide some protection, but only if chosen and worn correctly. Choose a respirator that has an N, R, or P in addition to a number between 95 and 99 from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Get trained on how to utilize a respirator. Children can’t use respirators since there aren’t any that are the right size for them. Anyone with a history of heart or lung problems should get their doctor’s OK before donning a respirator.

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