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A Partner in the Finance and Capital Markets Department, Alan Keating serves as Head of US Structured Finance.

In the debt capital markets and securitization, he has extensive experience working with international corporations, financial institutions, asset managers, private equity funds, hedge funds, and investment banks. Investors and rating agencies turn to him for advice on debt and equity instruments. Among his professional affiliations are the Irish Tax Institute and the Law Society of Ireland, both of which Alan Keating possesses. This hand was a game-changer for Poker Stars tour player Alan Keating, who was able to overcome David Sacks on April 6, 2015. Keating, a veteran poker player, faced a bluffing opponent in the game. Keating exploited Sacks’ weak-tight style of play by overfolding heavily during the hand.

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A native of the D.C. suburbs, Keating was born in Silver Spring and grew up on the city’s outskirts. It was six years until he returned to Essex College to receive his physician assistant degree after completing his psychology degree at the University of Maryland. The University of Nebraska later awarded him a Master’s degree in physician assistant studies. The American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) has invited Keating to present and lead workshops on physician assistant topics ever since.

Personal Life Of Alan Keating

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The Height, Weight, And Body Measurements Of Alan Keating

At the age of 34, there is currently no information about the height of Alex Keating. As soon as possible, Alan Keating’s height, weight, body measurements, eye color, hair color, shoe size, and dress size will be updated.

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Alan Keating's Net Worth

Poker Player Alan Keating’s Net Worth

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Paul Keating was born on January 18, 1944, in Sydney, Australia. Served as Prime Minister of Australia from 1991 to 1996 as a former leader of the Labor Party. Cunningham finished 117th out of 6844 players in the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event, earning him $41,816 in prize money. His live tournament winnings totaled over $11,500,000 as of 2014, making him the 17th most successful player in history. $15 million is my net worth. 

Alan Keating’s Poker Wealth Is Estimated To Be In The Millions.

Reflecting on the situation, Yong explained why he and Keating got into this argument in the first place. It’s possible that some people would think that “Wow, he called $200,000 with that hand,” As for Yong, “But for me, having the opportunity to be ahead and the opportunity to still hit if I must make a straightforward call is more important than anything else,” he said. If it were me playing against Tom Dwan, I’m not sure whether or not I could have folded that hand.

Taking A Walk Through The Action

To get back to the game, Yong explained that he prefers to play small-suited cards with deep stacks in order to generate enormous pots of money. Keating’s three-bet out of position prompted the Brit to believe that he had a wide range of big cards, enabling him many chances to win the hand.

The fact that he wasn’t executing it with an outlandish hand was one of the reasons I liked this spot so much. Because he has such awful hands, I don’t think he’ll be able to put together enormous pots. Ace-King or Ace-King is all I need to beat him in this hand. Even though I didn’t know if I was ahead, I was having a good time with the flip.” On the flop, Keating staked $20,000, and Yong was given the task of assessing what cards his opponent may bet with. It was fruitless to try to raise Keating in this situation because of Keating’s erratic and aggressive play, so Yong examined various hands.

Keating’s Gigantic Turn Shove 

Yong now had a flush draw in addition to his small pair as the turn was dealt the deuce of clubs. If I had a one-pair hand, that card would give me 14 outs, and something incredibly unusual happened because he just went all-in with maybe $70,000 in the middle,” Yong said in an interview.

How Much Money Is Alan Keating Worth?

The fact that I knew Alan was capable of having an air-ball there made this a rare occurrence for me. If he has an ace-king of clubs, I believe I have a 20% to 30% chance of winning here with my one-pair hand. Assuming, of course, that I do not have 14 outs, then it is an even-money bet to make it.” A total of four more cards were dealt with Yong, and he was rewarded handsomely for his bold move.

In the end, Keating returned to the table with $1,000,000, showing that he was not going down without a fight. After meeting Keating, Yong was impressed, and it appears like the competition is just beginning. The first time I played with Alan, I was completely taken aback. You never know where he’s going when you’re with him,” she says. Yong chuckled as he realized that he had won the money bet and that he had been the one to call.

Table 1 in the ARIA Poker Room hosted the GOAT Week game till well into the night. An uproar erupted on social media after Rob Yong announced his plans to organize four days of cash games from the PokerGO Studio in December.

The Beginnings Of Iconic Status

He worked as a rock band manager and a clerk before deciding to join the Labor Party in 1966.

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Mr. Keating is a partner in the firm’s Finance and Capital Markets Division and the US Structured Finance Division’s Head of Staff. As a former advisor to global enterprises, financial institutions, asset managers, private equity funds, hedge funds, and investment banks with substantial experience in debt capital markets and securitization. Expert guidance on Omaha and IQ slots at’s Welcome Bonus. Alan Keating Poker Net Worth. To begin playing at Springbok Casino, read on to learn more. The net worth of Alan Keating is $15 million.