Infowars Host Alex Jones Claims Personal Bankruptcy

Alex Jones Claims Personal Bankruptcy: According to court filings, right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on the Texas state level on Friday. Jones claims in the papers that he has assets worth $1 million at most and $10 billion in debts. Also in July, the Infowars host’s major company, Free Speech Systems, sought bankruptcy protection.

Following his failed attempt to minimise the almost $50 million damages verdict given down by a jury in Texas earlier this year for his fraudulent statements about the Sandy Hook Elementary School murder, Jones has filed personal bankruptcy.

Alex Jones Claims Personal Bankruptcy
Alex Jones Claims Personal Bankruptcy

Alex Jones Claims Personal Bankruptcy

Jones has repeatedly claimed, without any evidence, that the 2012 massacre that left 26 dead was faked and that the victims’ relatives and emergency personnel were all “crisis actors.” A Connecticut lawyer for Sandy Hook families told CNN that Jones’s attempt to file for personal bankruptcy “will not work.”

Attorney Christopher Mattei said in a statement to CNN, “Like every previous cowardly action Alex Jones has made, this bankruptcy will not succeed.” For those who deliberately cause harm to others, as Mr Jones did, the bankruptcy system offers no protection. U.S. courts will ensure that Alex Jones faces consequences, and we will never stop trying to uphold the verdict of the court’s impartial jury.

Many lawsuits were filed as a result of Jones’s early denials regarding the 2012 shooting, but he eventually admitted that a massacre had taken place. However, the families in both the Connecticut and Texas actions won default judgments against him because he disobeyed court orders during the discovery process.

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Jones already owes $1.4 billion in a separate Connecticut action brought by eight relatives of Sandy Hook victims and a first responder, and this latest verdict in Texas only adds to the mounting litany of judgements and cases stacking up costs for him. Jones’s possessions were to be discussed at a hearing this coming Friday in the state of Connecticut.

A trial took place in Connecticut in September and October, and during it, the plaintiffs spoke movingly about how the lies had led to relentless harassment against them and added additional misery to the loss of their loved ones.

On Friday, Mattei also tweeted in part, “The jury ruled Alex Jones accountable for malicious insults on the Sandy Hook families, therefore he can’t discharge his debt to them in bankruptcy court.”

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