What Is Amanda Bynes Net Worth? 2022

Award-winning actress and fashion designer Amanda Bynes has a net worth of six million dollars. Amanda Bynes has amassed a sizable fortune as an actress through her work in both television and film. Apart from that, she’s the designer of her own clothing line called “Dear” and has enjoyed some success in the music industry. Amanda’s parents were able to obtain custody of her finances after she was placed on a 72-hour mental health evaluation hold in July 2013. The conservatorship was in place until March 2022.

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We will go into detail about Amanda’s finances later in this post, but her parents did so in October of 2014. At the time, she had a net worth of approximately $5.7 million, which was made up primarily of cash and real properties. She made $144,000 in rental money the year before, but only made pennies on the dollar in royalties or performing salaries.

Early Life Of Amanda Bynes

Her birth date is April 3, 1986. Amanda Bynes is an American actress. Amanda Bynes grew up with her older brother Tommy and her older sister Jillian as the youngest of Rick and Lynn Bynes’ three children. As a stand-up comedian, her father worked as a dental assistant, and her mother is an office manager and dental assistant.

In contrast to her mother’s ethnicity, her father hails from Ireland, Lithuania, and Poland. Amanda began attending a comedy camp at the age of 7 after discovering a lifelong love of acting throughout her youth. Having been selected by the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in 2013, actress Amanda Bynes was given the opportunity to pursue her career goals as a fashion designer.

Personal Life Of Amanda Bynes

Vanity Fair’s July 2003 issue had Amanda Bynes on the cover. One of the “25 Hottest Stars Under The Age Of 25” was awarded to her in 2006. In 2008, Bynes had a brief relationship with Seth MacFarlane. In the course of doing voice work for his cartoon series “Family Guy,” she ran across him. After announcing her retirement from acting in June 2010, Bynes refocused her efforts on developing a fashion and fragrance brand.

When she was first arrested for DUI in April 2012, she was also arrested for hit-and-run just four months later. Bynes was engaged in four hit-and-run accidents during this period. Her California license was revoked at some point in the future. Amanda went to New York City soon after this, where she continued to exhibit unpredictable behavior. Bynes was arrested in Thousand Oaks, California, in July 2013 for reportedly setting a minor fire in the driveway of a stranger’s home. A 72-hour mental health examination hold was issued for her admission to a mental health facility.

Bynes enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Irvine in December 2013. With her Associate of Arts degree in Merchandise Product Development, she plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Los Angeles’ Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM) awarded Bynes a diploma in 2019.

Bynes accused her father of emotional and sexual abuse in a series of tweets in October 2014. Bynes quickly backtracked and blamed the “microchip in my brain” for the misunderstanding. It was supposedly her father who ordered her to be microchipped. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder shortly after this occurrence. As of 2018, Bynes said that she had been sober for four years, thanks to her parents’ support. Her tweets during her drug and alcohol abuse have also been apologized for.

After unexpectedly leaving her sober living facility in December 2019, Bynes’s whereabouts were unclear for a time. When her parents apparently couldn’t wait any longer, they went to court to beg for a judge to order their daughter back to treatment. Among other things, Amanda was allegedly breaking her court-ordered conservatorship and not going to school, according to reports. It wasn’t long until she left the sober living facility and went out on her own for the first time since she had been there.

Her engagement with Paul Michael was announced on Instagram in March 2020. Their first child is due in March 2020. They met during an AA meeting, according to a story. Bynes’ lawyers have since certified that she is not pregnant after the post was taken down. In order to get married, Michael and Bynes would have had to get permission from Bynes’ conservator.

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Career Of Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes began her acting career at the age of seven. It was in a commercial for Buncha Crunch candy that she got her first paid acting gig. When she was younger, she performed in a number of theatre productions, including “Annie,” “The Music Man,” and “The Sound of Music.” A producer from Nickelodeon noticed her while she was at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles for a comedy camp. “All That,” a Nickelodeon sitcom featuring her, ran from 1996 through 2000. From 1999 to 2002, she starred in the “All That” spin-off series “The Amanda Show.” She was a cast member of “Figure It Out” from 1997 to 1999.

Amanda Bynes Net Worth

From 2002 through 2006, Bynes co-starred with Jennie Garth in the WB sitcom “What I Like About You.” After starring in 2002’s Big Fat Liar at the age of 16, Bynes made her feature film debut. As a result, she went on to star in several films in the 2000s, including “What a Girl Wants,” “She the Man,” “Hairspray,” and “Sydney White,” as well as “Easy A” in 2010. Her career took off after that. After she dropped out of several projects in 2009 and 2010, many assumed that Bynes was going through a personal crisis.


Amanda’s parents were granted guardianship of their daughter in July 2013 after a series of distressing mental health episodes and legal entanglements. Amanda requested that the conservatorship be lifted in February 2022. In March of 2022, this request was approved.

Salary Highlights

Amanda made between $2 and $3 million a year at the height of her career, but that amount has decreased dramatically over the years.

Name Amanda Bynes
Net Worth 2022 $3 Million
Age 36
Annual Salary $600,000
Profession Singer, Actor, Fashion designer,
Voice Artist


Her parents sought conservatorship of their daughter’s estate in July 2013 on the basis of the assertion that Amanda had spent $1.2 million in less than a year and was living on the streets without any steady income. On the 4th of June and the 2nd of July, they reported that Amanda made big withdrawals from her bank account, including $100,000. To get from New York to Los Angeles, they said that Amanda had lately hired a taxi because she was unable to fly with her luggage because she did not have a driver’s license or passport.

Amanda’s parents provided documentation in October 2014 outlining the entire extent of their daughter’s financial situation at the time. Amanda’s total assets were worth $5.7 million at the time, with real estate worth $2.8 million and cash and cash equivalents at $2.9 million. Amanda also made $145,000 renting out real estate holdings in the prior year, according to the documents.

Real Estate

Amanda spent $1.879 million in November 2011 for a 4,600-square-foot property in Calabasas, California, with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Amanda’s primary source of rental income for the past ten years has been this property. When it was first put up for rent in October of that year, the monthly rent was stated as $9,300. Today, the house is worth an estimated $4 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amanda Bynes is how old?

Her birthday is April 3rd, which makes her 36 years old. Amanda Laura Bynes was born in Thousand Oaks, California, USA.

How much money does Amanda Bynes make per year?

At this time, Amanda Bynes’ annual earnings are $600,000.

How much money does Amanda Bynes have in the bank?

By the year 2022, the estimated net worth of Amanda Bynes will be $3 million.