Amphibia Controversy: Why Is Amphibia Being Cancelled?

Matt Braly’s Amphibia is an American animated television series that ran from June 17, 2019, until May 14, 2022, on Disney Channel.

Brenda Song, Justin Felbinger, Bill Farmer, Amanda Leighton, Anna Akana, Troy Baker, Haley Tju, and Keith David provide their voices for the series.

Amphibia Controversy?

Current Amphibia Season Finale Scheduling Debate: My Rebuttal I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t a fan of Disney movies and shows. Those movies and shorts were staples in my childhood. I enjoy their Disney Channel and Disney XD shows.

They make outstanding items! To be clear, my preference for a company’s wares does not shield them from my scrutiny in the event of an error. Even though I enjoy Disney films, I feel bound to point out their flaws because of my admiration for the company. And now Disney has messed up Amphibia. A LOT!

Amphibia Season Finale Has Been Postponed – Amphibia Controversy

Season Finale of Amphibia Postponed Due to Controversy For those who haven’t been following the social media discussion, I’ve provided a brief synopsis below. The Season 2 conclusion of Amphibia, titled “True Colors,” was scheduled to premiere yesterday, May 1. Matt Braly and his amazing team of writers, animators, editors, and others worked all week to generate excitement for the event online. Matt even planned to talk to his audience on a Twitch broadcast the night before.

The evening promised to be a blast for all attendees. Then, less than a day before the series finale, a bombshell was dropped via Disney’s official TV Animation Twitter account.

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This came as a total and utter surprise to everyone. Just like us, Matt and the rest of the actors in the program took to social media to express their shock. They had labored long and hard to make sure the season finale of Amphibia lived up to the show’s reputation. The Mouse then abruptly changed the subject right before the big announcement.

There was instantaneous conjecture about Disney’s motivations. Some speculated that the decision was made to make room for the “Halfway to Halloween” promotion of two new programs airing that day. Some fans started to place the blame on unrelated shows like Big City Greens. Nothing improved the situation and everything seemed to get worse. Matt and the rest of them urged us to wait until Disney announced when the new finale would air. This ploy was then put into action by Disney.

Amphibia Controversy
Amphibia Controversy

The Final Episode of Amphibia Season 1 is Now Available on iTunes!

You did not misinterpret the headline. Earlier today, it was found that the season finale of Amphibia could be downloaded through iTunes. Is Disney just a place where this sort of thing happens by chance? Is there any kind of glitch in the system? Perhaps Disney used automated processes but then forgot to correct them. But it is beside the point. Truth be told, the fact that “True Colors” can be downloaded through iTunes is all that matters. Spoilers and leaks spread rapidly across the Internet, as planned, and it only took a few hours for this to happen.

I was quite upset to learn about the disclosures on YouTube. Presently, I feel ashamed because of how this has all turned out. My obsession with the leaks caused me much embarrassment. But more than that, I was angry with Disney. It’s fine if the conclusion gets pushed back without warning; we can handle that. But then you go ahead and put it out there online, right? It’s bad and shows a lack of respect for both the audience and the workers involved in making the show.

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Controversy Regarding Amphibians:


Disney has already taken the series finale down from iTunes by the time you read this. Disney might fire whoever was responsible for this blunder. If not, they will have a lot of explaining to do as both fans and workers demand answers in the coming days.

For the sake of the show, Matt and several of his coworkers have begged followers on Twitter to refrain from actively seeking spoilers. Alternatively, they can choose to keep quiet about them if they have to. Images from the finale have already been posted to Matt’s thread, which disgusts me even more.

Currently, Disney has my disapproval. It’s true that I’ve been let down by them before, but this is a new low even for them. I really hope they figure things out in the next few days, but right now I’m really irate. If Disney reads this, please fix this.