Amphibia Controversy: Amphibia Was Mistreated Horribly By Disney!

Controversy about the Amphibia: I’ve been a Disney fan since childhood. I grew up watching their feature films and short flicks. Their Disney Channel and Disney XD content has pleased me. They produce astonishing work! I will not ignore a company’s mistakes because I appreciate its products. I feel forced to point out their errors to show my admiration for Disney. It’s a shame that Disney also made such a mistake with Amphibia. This is a huge deal!

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What Is Amphibia? 

If you haven’t seen the show, here’s a brief synopsis.

The Disney Channel debuted the animated series Amphibia in 2019. A 13-year-old girl named Anne Boonchuy is thrust into an alternate reality where she encounters sentient amphibians after opening a mysterious music box. Anne is rescued by a family of frogs who help her make her way back to civilization. This way, Anne’s new family teaches and guides her to become a heroic figure. That is to say, it’s a coming-of-age tale with elements of Isekai from the western world (otherworld).

It’s an understatement to say that Amphibia is powered by some significant skill; the people working on it are great! Matt Braly, the show’s creator, is a former student of Gravity Falls. This show has defined Disney cartoons in the past ten years, whether good or bad. First of all, we had the entire cast of the performance to work with! Brenda Song is the only person with the honor of portraying Anne Boonchuy. In the 2000s, she was best known for her role as London Tipton in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and its follow-up, The Suite Life on Deck.

Bill Farmer, best known as Goofy’s voice, also lends a hand as the voice of another key character. To put it another way, this show has a real heft! Amphibia’s crew went all-out earlier this year to kick off its second half. As the season approached its climax, “True Colors,” the show’s staff used social media to advertise the show and build excitement for the conclusion. When the hype train gained full speed, however, something awful happened.

Amphibia Controversy

An Update on Amphibia’s Postponed Season Finale

Here is a brief overview for those who haven’t been following the social media commotion. On May 1, the season two finale of Amphibia, “True Colors,” was slated to air. The show’s creator, Matt Braly, and his team of outstanding writers, animators, editors, and others have been actively promoting it on social media all week. Matt planned to communicate with the crowd the night before the event via a Twitch stream. A memorable evening was in store for all those involved. Disney’s official TV Animation Twitter account dropped this surprise less than 24 hours before the finale aired.

All of us were taken aback by this, and I mean everyone. In an instant, Matt and the rest of the show’s cast and staff took to social media to express their surprise. So much effort had gone into making this season finale of Amphibia worthy of the hype. The Mouse snatched the rug from under them just as it was about to be disclosed. People began to wonder why Disney made this decision right away. For the “Halfway to Halloween” event, several speculated that it had been moved to enable the promotion of two new series. Even Big City Greens was accused of complicity by specific followers. This did little to help and, in fact, made things worse. To see the last episode, we were told by Matt and the others that we would have to wait.

Amphibia’s Season Finale Is Now Available For Download On Itunes.

Yes, you’re reading it accurately. It was discovered this morning that the season finale of Amphibia had been added to iTunes. Is there a blunder at Disney? Was there an error on our end? It’s possible that Disney mechanized the process but didn’t fix the problem. However, all of this has little bearing on the situation. “True Colors” has been added to iTunes, which is significant. As predicted, spoilers and leaks began to appear on the Internet within a few hours.

On the other hand, I was embarrassed to find the leaks on YouTube. I’m currently wracked with shame over the whole thing. I felt terrible that I couldn’t help but keep an eye on the leaks. However, Disney itself disgusted me much more. It’s OK if the conclusion is postponed without warning; we’re prepared to deal with it. Afterward, the episode was made available digitally. In addition to being distasteful to the audience, it is also a disservice to the people who worked on the production.

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Amphibia Deserves Better, Cartoons Deserve Better

Disney will have pulled the series finale from iTunes by the time you read this. It’s possible that Disney might fire the person or people responsible for this mistake if it was their fault. The truth will be demanded from them in the coming days by both fans and employees alike if they don’t. Matt and a few of his coworkers have begged on Twitter that people refrain from looking for spoilers out of respect for the show. In either case, to keep their mouths shut. I’m even more disgusted that someone has already uploaded photographs from the conclusion on Matt’s forum.

Overall, I’m dissatisfied with Disney these days. I’ve been dissatisfied in the past, but this is a new low. I hope they come up with an explanation in the next several days, but I’m enraged right now. This is something that Disney needs to address immediately.

Please use the hashtag #AmphibiaDeservesBetter to spread the word about Disney’s inhumane treatment of this amphibian.

What’s Your Opinion?

One of Disney’s most popular series was ruined due to a breakdown in communication or blatant incompetence. That is unacceptable, and Disney must be held accountable. However, it isn’t enough to voice your displeasure with them on the internet. If we don’t want this to happen in the future, we need to open a line of communication between the people who make the shows we watch and the companies who distribute them. This level of humiliation has no place in our society.

Do you share my point of view? Do you have a favorite show that you think was unfairly snubbed? Let us know what you think! It’s time to start a discussion!