Angelina Jolie Net Worth, Career, Biography, And Personal Life 2022 Updated

Detailed information on Angelina Jolie’s net worth and other personal facts can be found on this page. According to authoritative sources, the sum total of Angelina Jolie’s monetary resources is $160 million. American actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie is widely regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful women and is famed for her humanitarian endeavors. She was also one of the world’s most well-paid actresses. We’ll talk about Angelina Jolie’s career and net worth in this article.

We’ll go through Angelina Jolie’s acting, directing, and modeling careers, as well as her overall monetary fortune, in this section. With so much to her name, it’s safe to say that Angelina Jolie is one of the richest and most popular actors in the world today. In a nutshell, net worth is the difference between current assets and liabilities. To get a better idea of Angelina Jolie’s fortune, let’s take a look at what we know about her finances.

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Born in Los Angeles on June 4, 1975, Angelina Jolie is the daughter of actor Brad Pitt. Her father, the legendary actor Jon Voight, is her paternal great-grandfather. Before attending Moreno High School, Angelina Jolie attended Beverly Hills High School. As a result of her interest in theatre, she attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and performed in several productions.

Early Life Of Angelina Jolie

Los Angeles is the place of Angelina Jolie Voight’s birth. Actor John Voight and actress Marcheline Bertrand are her parents of her. After their parents split in 1976, Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven moved home with their mother, who put her career as an actress on hold to care for her children. Young Angelina was encouraged to pursue a career in acting by her father’s success in the business.

She had a small role in her father’s film Lookin’ to Get Out when she was five years old (1982). To New York City’s Palisades when she was six years old, her mother and her live-in lover relocated. Five years later, they returned to Los Angeles. The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute was the place where she decided to pursue a career in acting. For two years, she received her education.

While attending Beverly Hills High School, Jolie felt isolated from her more affluent peers, as her family relied on her mother’s low-paying job for survival. She was taunted by other teenagers because she was small and had braces and spectacles. Her mother tried to convince her to become a model, but the first few times she tried, she failed miserably. She changed schools and is now attending Moreno High. At this point, she began dressing entirely in black. She experimented with knife play while living with her lover.

Jolie’s Personal History

Jolie married Jonny Lee Miller in March 1996 after meeting him on the set of Hackers in 1995. Rather than a traditional wedding gown, Angelina Jolie opted for black rubber leggings and a white t-shirt, on which she had inscribed the name of her future husband in her own blood. Following their breakup in 1998, they got divorced in 1999.

After just two months of dating, Jolie married Billy Bob Thornton in Las Vegas on May 5, 2000, just after her divorce was finalized. When they worked together on Pushing Tin in 1999, they became friends. As a public display of their love, the couple wore vials of each other’s blood around their neck. Adopting a kid from Cambodia in March 2002, Jolie and Thornton named him Maddox. Their divorce was finalized three months after they’d married. It was on May 27, 2003, that their divorce was formalized.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorced in October 2005, and Angelina Jolie was accused of triggering the split. On the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, she claims to have fallen in love with Brad Pitt and the movie. In January 2006, she announced that she was pregnant with his child, and they went public with their relationship. Jolie and Pitt had a 12-year relationship. Three of their children were adopted, making the total number of children in their home six. On August 23, 2014, Jolie and Pitt exchanged vows. They called it quits in the fall of 2016. Their divorce and child custody dispute took a long time to resolve. On April 12, 2019, their divorce was finalized.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Jolie is the mother of six children, three of which are boys and three girls. Three of the children were adopted from other countries, while the other three were born to her and Brad Pitt. Billy Bob Thornton adopted Maddox, a Cambodian child born in 2001, and 2002. In 2006, Pitt made Maddox his own. When Jolie adopted Pax (born in 2003) from Vietnam in 2007, Pitt adopted him the next year. Adopted by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in 2006, Zahara (born in 2005) came from Ethiopia in 2005. Jolie and Pitt have three biological children, Shiloh (born in 2006), Knox (born in 2008), and Vivienne (born in 2008).

As a humanitarian, Jolie has gotten involved with the UNHCR, traveled the world on field missions, and donated to a number of relief groups, including the International Committee of the Red Cross. With actor Brad Pitt, she also co-founded the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

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Career Of Angelina Jolie

In her father’s film Lookin’ to Get Out, which was released in 1982, she made her film debut at the age of five. In 1993, she made her feature film acting debut in Cyborg 2. George Wallace and Gia were two of Angelina Jolie’s most popular films, released in 1997 and 1998, respectively. After starring in Gone in 60 Seconds with Nicolas Cage in 2000, she had her first huge box office success.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, launched in 2001, made her a household name around the world. Without a body duplicate, she had performed all the action sequences herself. Ms. and Mrs. Smith, Beowulf, and Maleficent, all of which were box office successes, are among her other notable works. In addition to Come Away and The Eternals, she is working on a number of other projects.

In 2007, she made her directorial debut with the release of a documentary. With the 2011 release of In The Land of Blood and Honey, she made her directorial debut on the big screen. Angelina Jolie is well-known for her humanitarian efforts on behalf of migrants and asylum seekers around the world. In 2001, she was awarded a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. Around 30 nations and combat zones have been visited by her, where she has met both refugees and military personnel.

Angelina Jolie’s Net Worth

Angelina Jolie’s fortune is thought to be in the neighborhood of $160 million. As an actor, director, and producer in films, she earns a living. With an estimated annual income of $27 million in 2009, $30 million in 2011, and $33 million in 2013, Forbes ranked them as the highest-paid actresses.

Name Angelina Jolie
Net Worth (2022) $160 Million
Profession American actress
Monthly Income And Salary $1.8 Million +
Yearly Income $15 Million +
Last Updated 2022

Salary Highlights

An estimated $120 million was made just by Angelina Jolie as a movie star between 2001 and 2011. The first Lara Croft movie made her $7 million, while the second made her $12 million. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Good Shepherd, and A Mighty Heart earned her $10 million. A $15 million pay rise in the film Wanted, followed by $20 million in Salt and $19 million in The Tourist.

Average Movies Remuneration

However, Disney reportedly paid her $33 million to star in Maleficent. On average, she charges $15 million per film. In 2011, she was reportedly paid $10 million by Louis Vuitton for her role as a spokesperson.


She just paid $25 million for a home in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, where she now lives. Her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, also owns a number of homes in the United States and Europe, despite the fact that the couple is split. One of these properties is located in Los Angeles and covers an area of 1.9 acres with a variety of structures. In addition, she has a private pilot’s certificate and two planes for a total of $3,00,000. A $118,000 BMW Hydrogen 7 and $115,000 Jaguar XJ are two of her most prized possessions.

First Name Angelina
Last Name Jolie
Full Name Angelina Jolie
Profession American Actress
Age 46 years old (2022)
Official Instagram Handel Instagram
Birth Date 4 June 1975
Height: 1.69 m
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, United States
Spouse: Brad Pitt (m. 2014–2016), Billy Bob Thornton (m. 2000–2003), Jonny Lee Miller (m. 1996–1999)
Country American
Estimated Annual Salary $15 Million

Awards and Recognition

  • In 2013, the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award was given as an honorary Oscar.
  • Girl, Interrupted earned her two Academy Award nominations, one of which she took home in the category of Best Supporting Actress in 2000.
  • In 1998, 1999, and 2000, each of the eight Golden Globe Award nominations and wins received a tally of three wins apiece.
  • In 1999 and 2000, he won one each at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.
  • In 2009, Time named her one of the world’s most important people.

Real Estate Of Angelina Jolie

Angelina spent $24.5 million on a house in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, in June 2017. At the time, the price was nearly double the neighborhood’s previous record. Laughlin Park, a gated community just five minutes from Brad Pitt’s Bronson Canyon estate, is where the house is located. Cecil B. Demille occupied the 2-acre estate from 1913 to 1959.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Angelina Jolie’s net worth?

Angelina Jolie is reported to have a net worth of $160 million or more.

How much does Angelina Jolie charge for each film?

Angelina Jolie commands a fee of $15 million on average for each film she stars in. She may also be eligible for a profit share based on the success of the film.

Does Angelina Jolie have a pilot license?

A private pilot’s license is, in fact, something Angelina Jolie has.

Where does Angelina Jolie reside? What is the property’s market value?

Angelina Jolie is a Los Angeles resident who calls Los Feliz home. For $25 million, you can get your hands on it.