10 Anime Characters Who Love Drinking Tea!

10 Anime Characters Who Love Tea While coffee is a popular beverage, most anime characters prefer the calming effects of a great, hot cup of tea. Some anime characters are caffeine addicts, but others rely on a nice, hot cup of tea to get them through the day. Some characters can’t get enough of this beverage, whether it’s Earl Grey or traditional green tea.

It’s usual to see anime characters greet their guests with a hot cup of green tea as soon as they step through the door. Some characters, on the other hand, are total tea connoisseurs who can tell the difference between the various flavours of this treasured brew. Most people drink tea to unwind after a long day, but some characters rely on it.

10- Gentle Criminal’s identity as a villain includes tea (My Hero Academia)

Gentle Criminal from My Hero Academia wasn’t the most fearsome villain in the series, but he made an impression on the viewers and the rest of the characters. Gentle, a flamboyant lover of theatrics, did everything he could to establish himself as a polished, refined villain. Black tea is his favourite beverage. He is so taken with it that he adopts it into his wicked persona. Gentle’s favourite motion is to pour tea into a cup, but he always spills it because he holds the kettle too far away.

9- Akira enjoys brewing tea for her friends (Special A)

Akira Todo’s favourite pastime is brewing tea for all of her SA in Special A buddies. In addition, she enjoys creating various foods for her pals to try. She is also in charge of preparing meals for the other members. Akira appears to be a standard polished, wealthy young lady, but she is really kind to her classmates. She is most at ease when she is eating her homemade pastries and enjoying a cup of tea. She is fiercely protective of her pals and will go to any length to keep them safe.

8- L enjoys drinking tea while working on cases (Death Note)

Death Note’s L While working on a case, he usually always has a cup of tea in his hands. He enjoys sweet snacks such as cakes and candies when he is not drinking tea.

7- Tea Is Sosuke Aizen’s Favorite Drink (Bleach)

Bleach’s Sousuke Aizen. Sosuke Aizen from Bleach can’t get enough of tea. It’s his favourite beverage. When Aizen sipped tea in Hueco Mundo, a dimension between the Soul Society and the human world, fans were perplexed. Surprisingly, Hueco Mundo lacks water. Some think it was an illusion, while others speculate that Aizen most likely journeyed across realms to grab a tea and bring it back with him. Fans admire the man’s dedication to drinking tea and are impressed that he will defy logic to obtain it.

6- Ciel Phantomhive like Earl Grey Tea (Black Butler)

Ciel Phantomhive has a cup of tea in Black Butler. Ciel Phantomhive of Black Butler is almost usually seen with a cup of Earl Grey tea. It’s his favourite flavour, and the bitter taste suits his part in the plot wonderfully. He is the leader of the Phantomhive clan and serves as the Queen of England’s watcher. He is also the de facto proprietor of the Funtom Corporation, a

well-known toy and confectionery company. Tea is merely another indication of his social standing. Ciel comes from an affluent family and approaches life as a giant chess game, utilising others as pawns. He’s accustomed to a life of luxury; anything less would feel strange to him.

5- Day Giovanna is a gang member who enjoys drinking tea (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind) 

(Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind) Giorno at a cafe Giorno Giovanna is the heroine of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. He’s a “Gang-star” who likes to sip tea while planning his next move against the Boss. Unfortunately, following what Leone did when he first met Team Bucciarati, Giorno is undoubtedly more weary of each cup he receives from someone else.

Girls & Panzers Darjeeling gets its name from a renowned tea flavour. She is rarely seen without a cup in her hand, and she is constantly talking about it. She has numerous mottos, most of which are actual quotations from notable authors. One of her most memorable quotes was, “I will never spill my tea, no matter how fast we drive or how many hits we take.” Even with her namesake beverage, her favourite cuisine, fish and chips, would certainly taste excellent.

3 Satsuki Visited Mitsuzo Soroi’s Tea Shop (Kill La Kill)

In Kill La Kill, Satsuki is staring. Tea appears to be the beverage of choice for some of anime’s most villainous characters. Satsuki from Kill La Kill may appear to be a ruthless monster, but she cares greatly about others. Even though she didn’t enjoy Mitsuzo Soroi’s tea, Satsuki drank it nonetheless since she didn’t want to acknowledge she didn’t.

She did, however, gradually come to enjoy it. She found it far too bitter at first, but she remembers those days fondly now that she recognises she was a kindhearted person the entire time. After all, she went out of her way not to offend the butler.

2 Tea is required for Saiko Intelli’s quirk to function (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia‘s Saiko Intelli. During the third season of My Hero Academia, Saiko Intelli took the pro-hero licence exam. She is a Seiai Academy second-year aspiring hero. As her Quirk suggests, she has a wickedly high IQ. Her quirk can function because she drinks tea. After taking a sip, Saiko must close her eyes and think for a few moments before she momentarily transforms into a super-genius. Some characters require a cup of tea as a daily pick-me-up, but Saiko cannot function as a hero without it.

1 Levi Ackerman Once Wanted To Open A Tea Shop (Attack On Titan)

Levi Ackerman drinking tea in Attack On Titan Levi Ackerman is rough around the edges, rude, and a fierce warrior in Attack On Titan. Most people would not have mistaken him for a neat freak at first, but his early goals are even more surprising. Levi, according to Isayama, planned to operate a tea business before succumbing to a life of crime in the Underground. His favourite flavour is black tea, and he even collects tea leaves. Levi expressly takes tea without anything added because sugar, milk, and honey are too expensive for him.