10 Anime Shows With Way Too Many Characters

Larger ensemble casts in anime are nothing new, but some episodes may have too many characters. Most characters is not a requirement for these anime. They require way too many people to bother with in their plot. There are anime that can successfully feature a huge number of characters, but there are other shows with too many for viewers to keep straight.

Background characters may be deemed superfluous if the show has too many main characters and the story has to spend too much time on introductions. In contrast, the casts of other anime with excessive numbers of characters tend to be weaker because of it. Whatever the case may be, anime with an overwhelming cast of characters risks losing viewers. In this article, we will discuss Anime with many characters.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks Has A Lot Of Players In The Holy Grail War

One of the many Fate properties, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks follows a group of powerful mages and heroic spirits as they fight for control of the Holy Grail. However, many of the contestants on this show break the norms established by previous Holy Grail Wars. Fans will recognize some familiar faces from previous seasons in this new cast. Though several of the Heroic Spirits have appeared before, they are distinct from one another. Followers of the magical arts have both new and veteran Mages to keep track of. Fans may lose track of who is fighting for what and who is still alive due to the sheer number of personalities involved. A part of Anime with many characters.

Fate/Stay Night

Tokyo Revengers Has Past & Present Characters To Remember

The protagonist of the anime Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi Hanagaki, learns that he can switch between his adult self and his middle school self through the use of a time machine. Nakamichi decides he must alter the past to prevent the death of his middle school sweetheart, Hinata Tachibana, in the present.

Events in the show’s timeline occur in both the past and the present, making it difficult to keep track of the characters. In addition, when certain gang members are simply mentioned but not initially seen, it might be easy for them to be mixed up with the rest of the group as fans try to keep track of all the different members and leaders. To complicate matters, there are a lot of characters engaged in this time-traveling story. A part of Anime with many characters.

Tokyo Revengers Has Past & Present Characters To Remember

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Becomes Crowded

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is a fantastic series with a talented ensemble cast that manages its characters effectively in the outset. Recent episodes, however, have shown a proliferation of forgettable, plot-insignificant side characters. Character arcs and backstories for the show’s main players are brilliantly handled. It’s a good plot, but it’s becoming a little lost in the shuffle with all the other characters. Fans of the show would like to see the Student Council and its allies continue to fight for love in subsequent seasons. A part of Anime with many characters

Yuri!!! On Ice Asks Fans To Remember The Other Skaters

The story of Yuri Katsuki’s efforts to return to competitive figure skating is told in Yuri!!! On Ice. Yuri is hoping to do well in his forthcoming tournament with the support of his instructor, Victor Nikiforov. However, during the tournament, supporters may feel overwhelmed by the number of characters introduced.

Creators will likely wish to introduce the audience to the other competitors in the skating contest. There were far too many setup episodes in the run-up to Yuri’s big skate, unfortunately. Even if the other skaters are endearing, not all of them managed to win the hearts of the audience. A part of Anime with many characters.

Food Wars! Has Many Opponents

Following Souma Yukihira as he competes for the top spot at the exclusive Totsuki Culinary Academy, Food Wars! chronicles his exploits. Battle Royale-style cooking competitions are the preferred method of resolving conflicts at this particular educational institution. Despite Yukihira’s superiority over many of his opponents, it’s difficult to keep track of everyone else on the field.

Yukihira is a competent but arrogant chef at the Totsuki restaurant, and this combination earns him many enemies. Since so many other chefs are after his crown, he faces constant competition. As the event unfolds, several of the competitors will shift from adversaries to allies. Fans, however, are getting dizzy with the sheer number of characters that Yukihira confronts, as many of the pupils have just switched to his side. A part of Anime with many characters.

Assassination Classroom Is Full Of Students

In the film Assassination Classroom, a group of misfortunate students is given the assignment of eliminating their new instructor after he destroys the moon. They stay dedicated to their goal, but they discover far more along the way than they bargained for. This show has a lot of heart and personality than I was expecting.

All in all, the show does a decent job of fleshing out its characters, albeit there are so many kids that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Because new students and teachers are constantly being introduced, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone. Although Assassination Classroom is an excellent program that everyone should see, it might be difficult to keep track of all of the characters.

Attack On Titan Consistently Introduced New Characters

Eren Yeager and the 104th Training Corps were the original protagonists of Attack on Titan. More and more players enter the story as the trainees advance in rank. Having everything laid out in such a way can help you get a feel for the big picture, but it can also be somewhat disorienting. It’s already difficult for viewers to keep track of who’s alive and who isn’t in Attack on Titan, and the show’s propensity for murdering off characters just makes things more confusing. Although the show primarily focuses on Eren and those closest to him, many viewers have complained that they have trouble keeping track of the numerous recurring and vanishing characters.

My Hero Academia Features Dozens Of Heroes & Villains, Both Young & Old

My Hero Academia is unlike any other series because it depicts its characters not just in battle but also in school. But there are so many protagonists and antagonists in it that it can get confusing. Despite the story’s popularity, it can be difficult to keep track of all the characters. In addition, when there is a large ensemble cast, some of the supporting characters inevitably end up getting short shrift in terms of development. Many supporting actors are beloved by their viewers, making this a major letdown. People who have seen My Hero Academia have likely wished for additional episodes centered on the show’s stellar cast.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Spans Several Countries

You can count on a large cast size any time an anime depicts combat. Despite political turmoil, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an incredible drama about two brothers looking for a cure for their illnesses. The brothers encounter numerous foes and friends on their journey. As a result, the longer Brotherhood runs, the greater the number of new characters. There is a complex web of alliances and betrayals that viewers of this show must keep straight. Although the massive scope works wonderfully for the story being told, it may be too much for some viewers to take in at first.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Has A Large Family Tree

Since there are so many Joestars, a series devoted to each succeeding generation would need to last for a full five seasons. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure chronicles the exploits of several members of a strong family as they battle villains from different eras. Every generational change brings with it the chance to reminisce about past and present characters.

The downside is that this creates a complex cast for readers to keep straight. The time-traveling plot twists and turns in the adaptation of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are very fascinating. Even yet, some viewers may have problems understanding how various players fit into the overall story.

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