Everything To Know About Ape Escape 3!

Sony Computer Entertainment published and developed Ape Escape 3 for the PlayStation 2 gaming console. Because of its high rating, it should be available on PlayStation 4, but that has yet to be made official.

Plot Summary

Dr. Tomoki, a human scientist, forms an alliance with Specter, the leader of the Pipo Monkeys, and the story begins. They plan to broadcast Specter TV around the world from TV stations protected by the Freaky Monkey Five. All but the twin protagonists, Kei and Yumi, their aunt Aki, and Natalie, are hypnotised by the shows that are broadcasted. Informed by Natalie that Spike, Jimmy, and the Professor have all been infected by the TV show, Kei and Yumi set out to capture the monkeys and stop Specter and Dr. Tomoki in their tracks.

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Every movie set is a target, and their mission is to destroy the satellite in each one. White Monkey, Blue Monkey, and Yellow Monkey are no match for Kei and Yumi. Pink Monkey escapes when Kei and Yumi attempt to capture her at the TV station where she is hiding. Afterwards, they catch Red Monkey.

After arriving in Tomoki City, Tomo challenges them to a fight in his enormous Tomo-King robot. His former partner, Specter, has humiliated him and the children have defended him, so he changes allegiances to help Kei and Yumi defeat him. He then takes the heroes into outer space to defeat Specter. Deactivating movie sets on their way to Specter’s outer space base of operations, Space Station SARU-3, they capture all the monkeys. The “Twin Heavens” plan is revealed when they arrive at Specter. Using the space station’s arm, he intends to cut the Earth in half and give half of it to monkeys. Dr. Tomoki is happy to let the humans fight over the other half, as it was originally intended for him. He refuses to accept that this would also lead to the destruction of the entire world.

For the first time, Specter uses his new King Gorillac Mech to take on an enemy. Dr. Tomoki warns the twins after Kei and Yumi defeat and capture Specter that the Chop Rocket is still heading straight for Earth. Specter’s plan will be thwarted if Kei and Yumi leave the satellite, says Dr. Tomoki. His only hope of stopping “Twin Heavens” is if the Space Station itself goes up in flames. As the twins flee, he activates the mechanism that will cause his demise.

The end credits show that he is still alive. With the robot he saved from SARU-003, he reveals his true identity to Kei, Yumi, and Aki.

The Freaky Monkey Five are resurrected by Pink Monkey soon after Specter’s defeat. The Freaky Monkey Five and the other monkeys that Kei and Yumi had previously missed are now safely back in Kei and Yumi’s hands. Aki discovers that the Space Station SARU-003 was not completely destroyed, and that Specter is hiding there again.

When Kei and Yumi arrive, they find Specter, who has strangely surrendered. Before Kei has a chance to intervene, Yumi falls for Specter’s deception, and the two of them are taken prisoner. After escaping from their captors, they beat Specter and finally capture him. Then it’s back to the house for the twins to get ready for the next day at school.


Kei/Satoru:- Ape Escape 3 features two playable protagonists, Kei/Satoru. Overconfident, he’s trying to stop Specter from taking over the world. He’s the younger of the two brothers.

Yumi/Sayaka:- In the main series, Yumi/Sayaka is the only playable heroine and one of the two characters from whom you can choose your own playstyle. She’s a young idol who’s determined to put an end to Specter. She’s the elder of the two twin sisters.

Aki:- Kei and Yumi’s aunt Aki serves as a mentor and advisor to the two young women. With the help of her futuristic Morph Gear, the twins are able to transform into seven different beings at once. She’s also worked with Dr. Tomoki and the Professor before.


Using the right analogue stick to control a variety of gadgets, the player can take control of either Kei (Satoru) or Yumi (Sayaka) and continue the previous games’ gameplay. There aren’t as many gadgets in this game as in previous instalments, but Aki’s new device allows the player to transform into various animal forms. They may also try to steal the player’s Stun Club or Time Net and use it against them, or even catch them with their own net to force them out of the level. Playing as Yumi has the added benefit of luring in monkeys who are star-struck by her pop star status and thus easy prey.

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The Stun Club:- It’s a standard attack tool, so of course. This is one of the two gadgets you get at the start of the game, and it’s the one you’ll use the most during your playthrough. To hit a specific spot, simply move the Right Joystick in that direction while also rotating it.

The Monkey Net:- Using this device, monkeys can be captured. Once again, the Monkey Net is here to help you catch those sneaky monkeys. It’s also one of the most commonly used tools in the game. You swing the net by moving the Right Joystick.

The monkey radar:- “Monkeys can be located with the help of this device.” When you first enter a level, you receive this device, which has the dual purpose of helping you find monkeys and providing you with information about them. When you enter Hide-and-Seek Forest, you’ll find it. To find monkeys, you use the right joystick, and pressing L2 brings up more details.

Ape Escape 3

Super Hoop:- “With this gadget, you’ll be able to run faster.” Only the Cyber Ace’s mid-air dash in Ape Escape 3 can match the Super Hoop’s speed. When it comes to time trials, there is no better tool than this. The Big City/Big City Life is where you get it. The hoop is activated by rapidly spinning the Right Joystick, which you then control with the Left stick to move faster.

Slingback Shooter:- “With this device, you can strike from afar.” It is a slingshot that can be used to knock down high-up monkeys or as a long-range weapon, as well as being able to hit certain levers or switches that are otherwise inaccessible to the human eye. Other types of ammunition are available in the Shopping Area or through Specter TV boxes. Entering Specter TV Studio/Thrilling TV Studio will grant you access to this item. To fire a shot, you pull back the Right Joystick and release.

Water Net:- When the player enters water, the Water Net automatically deploys, making it an odd piece of equipment. At the start of Bootown/Little Shop of Horrors, you’ll find it in your inventory. It is possible to deploy a net by twitching the Right Joystick while moving the Left Joystick. You can dive and rise by pressing the R1 or R2 buttons after pressing the Left Joystick.

R.C. Car:- Remote control is possible with this device. To scare monkeys into moving, the R.C. Car can activate floor switches, collect coins from afar, and inflict harm on enemy characters. The R.C. Car is available in a variety of styles at the Hobby Shop. The Hot Springs/Hot Springs for Good Health is where you find it.

Sky Flyer:- “High-flying uses this device.” When Kei and Yumi couldn’t get to previously inaccessible places, they use this device. Mount Amazing/Mishap Mountain grants you access to this item.


It’s a first for the Ape Escape series, but Morphs let you take on new forms and gain abilities that you couldn’t before. These include more powerful and diverse attacks, greater mobility, and other, more specialised abilities..

Fantasy Knight:- With its powerful attack and mighty shield, this defensive morph is a formidable foe.

Wild West Kid:- Long-distance attacks are a strong suit for this morph. “

The Miracle Ninja:- It has the ability to Doppelganger, making it nimble and agile.

The Genie Dancer:- “This morph summons a gypsy genie to dance for you!”

Dragon Kung Fu Fighter:- I like this morph for combo attacks,” says the author.

Cyber Ace:- “Electro-pulse Spark attack and mid-air dash are included in this morph.”

Super Monkey:- Getting along with the monkeys and looking for secret rooms are both made possible by this morph.



  • Catching 400 wild monkeys
  • To catch the monkeys, there are a wide variety of devices and forms.
  • Mini-games, short-films, and horoscopes for the monkeys abound here.
  • The monkey designs are so adorable that you’ll want to squeal with joy whenever you see them.
  • Just to be clear, monkeys are involved in this game.

The Bad

  • The voice acting can become grating after a while.
  • With the frame rate, there is some room for improvement.
  • There is no way to catch all of the monkeys in a stage in one sitting, as the game forbids it.
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