API Rate Limit Exceeded NFL Fantasy: Highlights, Configuration, and Features

For the sake of performance, rate limitations have been placed on the /API endpoints to prevent big spikes in the number of API calls.

Deep Security Manager’s API call rates are determined by counting how many API requests it has received in the past sixty seconds. Whenever a quota is exceeded, the manager does not handle requests until the call rate falls below all quotas.

Configure API Rate Limit

Set your Deep Security Manager rate limits appropriately. Your limitations should be able to accommodate expected API consumption while protecting against unintentional or malicious over-utilization of the system. If you like, you can turn off the API rate limiting.

The following entities are subject to rate limits:

 User: Number of API calls a key can make per minute to the management.

Tenant: A tenant’s (including the primary tenant’s) maximum number of incoming phone calls per minute. As a result, all API keys generated by a tenant are effectively constrained to a single number. It is possible for the total number of calls from four API keys (users are limited to 300 calls per minute and tenants are limited to 1000) to surpass both the tenant and user limits.

Manager Node: Per minute, is the maximum number of calls that a manager node can accept. A single instance of Deep Security Manager can only make so many calls to all of its tenants at a time. It is possible for multiple tenants to collectively surpass their node’s rate limit without any of them exceeding the tenant limit.

Each user, tenant, and node is subject to restrictions. Individual entities cannot be given their own quota.

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Determine Suitable Rate Limit

Your Deep Security Manager instances’ rate limits are determined by the resources available on your manager’s computer and the API traffic that they receive. To begin with, the following default rate limits are in place:

Users: 500

Tenant: 1000

Node: 5000

Examine the scripts and the management instance computer’s behavior to see if your present rate limits are appropriate for your environment.

  • If your scripts frequently go over the limit and management resources aren’t being heavily taxed, consider raising the thresholds.
  • You may need to lower the restrictions if you notice spikes in API calls that cause the manager machine to use a lot of resources.

Call rates can be determined using the APIUsageAPI class of an SDK. See API Usage in the API Reference for details. Searching for all API requests that occur during a given time frame, for example. To get the total number of calls, parse the returned data. In addition, you’ll see how many times code 429 has been answered.

Disable Rate Limit For Tenant account

It’s possible to disable the API rate-limiting for individual tenants if you have multi-tenancy enabled.

  • To access the tenant’s list in Deep Security Manager, go to Administration > Tenants in the console.
  • The tenant can now access the properties.
  • This can be done on the Features page, by selecting API Rate Limiter under Disabled Features.
  • Then press the OK button.

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