Are Jeffery Dahmers Parents Still Alive? Details About His Father And Mother

Jeffery Dahmer’s Parents: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a Netflix documentary about the life and deeds of the legendary serial murderer, has brought back attention to his story. The limited series chronicles the events leading up to at least 17 men being murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer. According to Biography, between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer murdered primarily gay men and youths of color, with two victims as young as 14.

He frequently kept souvenirs from the murders, such as his victims’ heads, bones, and genitalia. In the series, we get a taste of Jeffrey’s relationships with his parents and grandmother. After learning of his son’s criminal behavior, Jeffrey Dahmer’s father, Lionel, has spoken publicly about him. What happened to Lionel Dahmer, though? What follows is essential information.

Who Are Jeffery Dahmer’s Parents

Lionel and Joyce Dahmer raised their son, Jeffrey. After tying the knot, the newlyweds received their son Jeffrey on May 21, 1960. Two years later, in December 1966, they welcomed their son, David. While Jeffrey was young, his father, Lionel, was pursuing a doctorate in chemistry and spent long periods away from the family.

After completing his doctorate, the Dahmers relocated to Ohio after Lionel took a research chemical position there. Lionel thought his son Jeffrey was absorbing the scientific value of researching the animals, so he taught him how to preserve their bones while he was home.

are jeffrey dahmer parents still alive?
Are Jeffrey Dahmer parents still alive?

Conversely, Joyce supported the family during Jeffrey’s formative years by instructing students on using teletype machines. According to reports, she has struggled with multiple mental health concerns, including despair, and has attempted suicide. When Jeffrey was 18, Joyce and Lionel divorced in 1978 after it was discovered that Joyce had had an affair the year before.

Who is Lionel Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer, an American serial killer, and Lionel Dahmer, his younger son, are their father’s sons. David Dahmer is the younger of the two. He had a career in the chemical industry and made his home in Wisconsin with his family.

According to The Tab, Lionel shares his children Jeffrey and David with his first wife, Joyce. However, the couple split when Jeffrey was 18 years old. In 1978, Lionel wed Shari, who would become his second wife.

What Happened To Lionel Dahmer?

Lionel Dahmer is still living as of the year 2022 and has reached the age of 86 at this point. Lionel married for a second time when he wed Shari Jordan, who eventually became Jeffrey and David’s stepmother after the couple divorced from their first marriage to Joyce. Lionel released a book in 1994 titled A Father’s Story, in which he chronicled his views regarding Jeffrey’s deeds.

He also donated a percentage of the book’s earnings to Jeffrey’s victims’ families. Lionel’s book was dedicated to the memory of Jeffrey’s victims. Lionel is now retired and resides in Ohio with his second wife, Shari. Since 2020, he has avoided public glare and kept a low profile.

Lionel Dahmer had to fight for his son’s remains. 

For the 17 murders he perpetrated between 1978 and 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer was given multiple life sentences in 1992. In November of 1994, another inmate named Christopher Scarver beat him to death in prison. After he died in 1995, Jeffrey was cremated. His parents divorced in July 1978, and they had different opinions about what to do with his brain.

Jeffrey’s mother, Joyce Flint, had the idea to give her son’s brain to science. Also, she wanted it investigated to determine if there was a medical cause for his actions. In the meantime, his father insisted that Jeffrey’s brain be cremated alongside the rest of his body. After being arrested for murder in 1991, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer’s mugshot.

Flint told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Jeff always said that, if he could be of any help, he wanted to do whatever he could.” Meanwhile, Lionel hoped that by forgetting Jeffrey’s history, he could help him go on with his life.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s father reportedly lives in Ohio.

Lionel has been featured in multiple films about the serial killer since his son’s murder. Until his final appearance in 2020, Lionel was outspoken about Jeffrey in various media outlets, including Biography, Dateline NBC, and the limited series Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks. After that, Lionel decided to retreat from public view. According to public records, Lionel and his wife, Shari Dahmer, reside in Seville, Ohio. Jeffrey’s biological mother, Flint, died of breast cancer in 2000.

What Happened To Joyce Dahmer?

After the divorce, Joyce, who continued to use her maiden name Flint, passed away on November 27, 2000, at 64, from breast cancer. She went to Fresno, California, with their son David after divorcing Lionel, where she had many jobs, including managing a retirement community in the 1980s. To assist stop the spread of HIV and Aids, Joyce changed careers in 1991 and began leading the Central Valley Aids Team.

The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, starring Penelope Ann Miller as Joyce Dahmer, is now streaming on Netflix. Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Netflix | Ser Baffo Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story was released on September 21, 2022.

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