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Are You the One Season 6 Cast, Where Are They Now?

MTV’s Are You the One? was shot in New Orleans, Louisiana. Season 6 (2017) used a matchmaking algorithm to couple 22 singles. The cast did not pass out and received a $1 million payout. What happened to the actors of Are You the One Season 6? Where Are They Now?

Dimitri Valentin and Nurys Mateo

During her time on the show, Nurys became caught up in a love triangle, and Dimitri spent a lot of time with a less-than-ideal match. They just sat together once by chance before the season ended, and they didn’t start dating after that. Dimitri, 31, is now unmarried and works as a personal trainer. Nurys, 27, went on Ex on the Beach (2019) with Malcolm Drummer for closure and has since gone on to become a successful Los Angeles model. She’s also been seen in music videos, including Chris Brown and Young Thug’s “Go Crazy.”

Tyler Colon and Nicole Spiller

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Nicole and Tyler were Are You the One? Season 6’s first and only confirmed perfect matches. He couldn’t break free from the friend zone, so they decided not to pursue a romantic connection. Tyler, now 26, is a well-known singer-songwriter who goes by the alias Tai Verdes and has written hit songs like “A-OK,” “Stuck in the Middle,” and “Drugs.” Nicole, who is 26 years old and is dating Kevin Feltz, is a model.

Clinton Moxam and Geles Rodriguez

Geles and Clinton also entertained other singles until they realized they weren’t a good match. As a result, at the end of the season, they began sitting next to each other during match-up ceremonies, although they never developed a romantic relationship. Following the season, Clinton, 27, began dating his no-match Uche Nwosu, and the two married in September 2021. Geles, who is 28 years old, has moved on from Anthony and is now seeing Michael Putzel.

Anthony Martin and Alexis Eddy

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Before the finale, Alexis and Anthony were not on each other’s radar because they were both engrossed in other relationships in the house. Following the season, he dated co-star Geles Rodriguez and Shannon Duffy from season 5, both of whom confronted him on Ex on the Beach 3. After the season, Anthony, 27, and Shannon began dating and are expecting their first child in October 2020. They are expecting their second child together, however, it appears that they are no longer together. Alexis died of heart arrest in January 2020, when she was 23 years old.

Joe Torgerson and Uche Nwosu

Joe and Uche didn’t pursue a romantic relationship because of her strong sentiments for certified no-match. Following the season, he dated other Are You the One? alums, including Taylor Selfridge from season 5 (for whom he appeared on Ex on the Beach) and Mikala Thomas from season 4. Uche married Clinton in September 2021, and Joe, 28, is currently engaged to Mikala.

Ethan Cohen and Zoe Pugh

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While Ethan struggled to make friends in the house, Zoe spent a lot of time with Joe Torgerson and thought he was the perfect fit for her. The duo did not pursue a relationship after the event. Ethan, 32, is a musician and content creator known as E-Money, and Zoe, 27, is an OnlyFans creator. He appears to be single, while she is seeing Frank Feola, a personal trainer.

Kareem Fathalla and Diandra Delgado

Diandra and Kareem didn’t build a romantic connection during their time in the house since he had flings with Nurys and Alivia Hunter and she was preoccupied with her love triangle. Kareem, 28, appears to be single at the moment and lists himself as an athlete. Diandra, 26, is a TikTok, YouTube, and OnlyFans creator with whom Nurys has a solid friendship.

Keith Klebacher and Jada Allen

Alexis wanted to pursue something with Clinton, who had already started a relationship with Uche, because he spent most of his time with her. As a result, Keith, 29, and Jada, 26, in the house didn’t create anything more than a friendship. His Instagram is private, and she appears to have erased her social media accounts, so it’s unknown what they’re up to right now.

Malcolm Drummer and Alivia Hunter

Alivia and Malcolm didn’t communicate much since Malcolm was preoccupied with Diandra and Nurys and Malcolm was preoccupied with Kareem. Following their time on the show, he went on Ex on the Beach and established a brief romance with reality TV personality Maya Benberry. Malcolm, 30, has since moved on, and in July 2020, he and his wife welcomed their first child. Alivia, who is 26 years old, works as a tattoo artist.

Michael Johnson and Keyana Land

From the start, Keyana believed she and Michael were a perfect match. He wasn’t sure, though, and wanted to look into other possibilities in the house. Despite the fact that they were found to be excellent matches, the couple did not continue their relationship after the season. Michael, 26, is a personal trainer, and Keyana, 28, is a content creator who works exclusively for them.

David Shad and Audrey Diaz

Despite the fact that Shad and Audrey sat together at many match-up ceremonies, Audrey mistook him for Michael. She switched to Shad after the Truth Booth ruled them out as a match, but they never developed a close bond. Audrey, 28, and Jeremiah Brittingham are expecting their first child in 2022, while Shad, 29, has done a TedTalk on sustainability.

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