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Is Athena Karkanis a fan of yours? She is a multi-talented Canadian actress, singer, and voice actress. Anne Maria is a household name. In case you’ve been wondering about her, you can rest certain that we’ve covered all the bases here. Here are Athena Karkanis’s net worth, girlfriend, family, height, weight, bio, and other information.

She is best recognized for her performance as Dani Khalil in the 2013 smash television series “Low Winter Sun.” Recently, the internet has been abuzz with speculation about Athena Karkanis’s net worth. Additionally, she has appeared in Spark, Survival of the Dead, Sacrifice, The Lottery, and The Expanse. It’s no secret that Rainbow Six: Vegas star Tom Clancy also doubles as a voice actor, lending her talents to hit video games like Pandaria’s World of Warcraft and the next installment in the series, The Wars of Draenor. When Athena Irene Karkanis was born in 1982, she was living in Alberta, Canada. She will be 39 in 2021.

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Toronto, Canada, is where her parents were raised as children. She is of Greek and Egyptian ancestry and maintains dual citizenship with the country. Karkanis had planned to finish her law degree, but she decided to continue her acting career instead. In order to sharpen her acting abilities, she enrolled in the Square Theater School in New York City. Athena earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. She stands at 5’7″ and weighs 120 pounds, with brown hair and eyes, and white-toned skin color.

Athena is an avid social media user. She has a verified Instagram account to communicate with her admirers. Athena Karkanis was the handle. She has more than 54,000 followers on social media, despite the fact that she appears to be inactive. There are more than 2,000 people that follow her on Facebook, where she has an official fan page. No speculations or controversies about Athena have made such a stir in the media as yet.

Athena Karkanis's Net Worth

Athena Karkanis’s Personal Life

When it comes to hiding her love life from the world, Athena is an expert. Since 2009, she has revealed her relationship to an unknown source by naming her Toronto-based writer boyfriend. Because they wish to go on with their lives, the media hasn’t published anything about the pair. Her on-screen beau joins her for an honorary gathering as a guest of honor. We had a great time hanging out with the couple, and we hope to hear more about their upcoming nuptials soon. As many as seven languages can be spoken by Athena Karkanis at any given time.

Athena Karkanis’s Physical Appearance

Athena Karkanis stands at a height of 5′ 7″. After graduating, she began working as a model. Her total body weight is approximately 55 kilograms or 121 pounds. Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada is where she was born and grew up. She mentions her Canadian citizenship. There is no mention of Athena’s family members here. Because no one in the media has been able to get their hands on any information on Athena’s family. When it comes to Athena’s personal life, she prefers to keep things under wraps. She has never given her family thought.

Athena Karkanis’s Boyfriends, Relationship, Affair

Josh Dallas is reportedly Athena Karkanis’s boyfriend. Even if this source has not been validated, we have the most up-to-date information. Please continue reading this post if you are interested in her love story.

Athena Karkanis’s Career

After high school, Athena had planned to go to law school, but she changed her mind and enrolled in the Square Venue School to hone her acting abilities instead. Athena made her film début in 2005. In the years thereafter, Athena has continued to appear in horror films such as SAW IV and Endurance of the Dead. She has not looked back. In the following years, Karkanis launched her career as a singer. Stickin ‘Around featured her as a variety of characters. 1-800 missing was the first television show to feature her. Karkanis went on to play minor roles in a number of films, including Kevin Hill, Missing, Kojak, Delilah, and Julius, to name a few. Skyland, MetaJets, Wild Krauts, and Total Drama: The Revenge of the Island all featured Karkanis as a voice actor.

Low Winter Sun, in which she portrayed Detroit investigator Dani Khalil, was a turning point in her career in 2013.

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She had previously worked on a number of films, including Surviving the Dead, Saw VI, Sacrifice, and The Barrens. Lost Girl, The Art of War II: Betrayal, Sacrifice, The Best Years, Fast Heroes, The Lottery, and The Expanse are some of her most well-regarded works. Athena appeared in the CBS series Zoo in 2017 as Abigail Westbrook, alongside James Wolk, Kristen Connolly, and NonsanAnozie, as a supporting cast member. Her most recent television role was in Manifesto, a six-episode drama series that premiered on Netflix in 2018. On September 24, 2018, NBC aired this show for the first time. Currently, she is lending her talents to the animated series Wild Kratts as the voice of Aviva Corcovado.

Athena Karkanis’s Net Worth

In 2021, Athena Karkanis is expected to have a net worth of $ 1.7 million. Film, television, and video game roles provide her with a steady stream of income. As an actress, she relies heavily on her vocal cords as well as her acting abilities to boost her income. Popular voice actress Athena Karkanis has made more than $90,000 in cartoon and feature film roles. Currently, she is a regular cast member of The Expanse, which earns her $300,000 every episode. Brand sponsorships and brand affiliations also bring in a lot of money for her. In 2007, she starred in Saw IV, a horror picture that raked in $139 million globally at the box office. It’s thanks to her hard work and dedication that the actress-singer has become a household name.

Athena Karkanis’s Internet Fame

More than 5,500 Instagram followers have made Athena one of the most-followed people on the social media network in recent years For example, she announced the series “Manifest” and posted photographs from the set of the show on her social media accounts, leveraging her cult-like following to further her career. Unfortunately for her supporters, Athena isn’t active on Facebook or Twitter. Just go to her official Instagram profile and see what she’s been up to next if you haven’t already become a fan on the social media platform.


  • Does She Drink Alcohol? “No” 
  • Does She Love Dogs? “Yes”, She Loves Dogs.
  • Does She Smoked? “No”
  • Does She Eat Non-VEG? “No”, She Eats and follows the Veg Diet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Boyfriend of Athena Karkanis?

Athena Karkanis’s actor boyfriend is Josh Dallas, according to reports.

Who is Athena Karkanis?

Actress Athena Karkanis is well-known.

What is the age of Athena Karkanis?

An estimated 40 years old is Athena Karkanis.