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Compose Coffee Reigns Supreme on Baemin Post BTS V’s Cup Sleeve Debut!

Following Kim Taehyung's (V from BTS) selection as the brand's 10th-anniversary model, the Korean media covered the popularity of Compose

4 Min Read

Yoo Jae Suk’s Surprising Encounter With Zendaya Before ‘You Quiz On The Block’!

The popular Korean variety show You Quiz On The Block featured Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet on February 28. During her

3 Min Read

IU’s Revelations on Working with BTS V & Director Uhm Tae-hwa for ‘Love Wins All’!

When IU brought up Kim Taehyung, better known as V of BTS, in her most recent interview, it created headlines.

6 Min Read

What Did ENHYPEN’s Jake Do at the PRADA Store? Fans Go Viral Over His Actions!

Jake, of ENHYPEN, met a fan at a PRADA store, and now his behavior toward the fan is making him

3 Min Read

BTS RM, Jin, and V Claim Top Honors at KM Chart 4th Season!

The final 2023 winners were revealed by KM Charts via their official YouTube channel, @KMCHART, on February 28, 2024, escalating

5 Min Read

Son Suk Goo’s Anticipated Meeting with Jang Do Yeon on ‘Salon Drip 2’

'Salon Drip 2' marks the eventual meeting of Jang Do Yeon and Son Suk Goo, the actors. Son Suk Goo

1 Min Read

BTS J-Hope Gives Fans a Peek into His Past Struggle With ‘Hope On The Street’ Teaser

As he serves out his necessary military service, BTS member Jhope is now taking a break from the group. His

3 Min Read

BTS V’s Iconic Style Inspires the ‘#THVGIRL’ Viral Lookbook Trend

Kim Taehyung's (V) supporters have established a new social media trend, mirroring the way V from BTS establishes trends in

3 Min Read

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Brings Laughter and Surprise to Han So Hee’s Trending Video

In January, Han So Hee became famous for an iconic moment when she signed signatures for admirers while opening a

3 Min Read

Is Lee Dong Wook Truly Retiring from the Spotlight?

Actor, presenter, model, and performer Lee Dong-wook hails from South Korea. My Girl(2005), Scent of a Woman(2011), and The Fugitive

3 Min Read

Jisoo and Mingyu Bring Glamour to Dior Fashion Week!

At Paris's Jardin des Tuileries, Dior unveiled their ready-to-wear collection for the upcoming 2024–25 fall/winter season. At Paris Fashion Week,

4 Min Read

BTS Jungkook’s Hit Track Dominates as 10th Biggest Song On IFPI!

Despite serving his necessary military service, Jungkook of BTS keeps demonstrating his worldwide influence. The youngest member of the seven-member

4 Min Read

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Leaves Fans Awestruck in Swarovski X Nylon Japan Collab

Swarovski, a luxury goods company, posted the most recent photos of Stray Kids' Bang Chan on their website on February

5 Min Read

BTS V Takes First Place in New Semester Classmate Survey

A recent poll asked fans to choose a male celebrity they would most like to have as a classmate for

2 Min Read

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Shines in Calvin Klein’s Spring 2024 Campaign

Like a model for Calvin Klein, Jennie Kim can go from being a South Korean pop star to a cool

4 Min Read