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IVE’s Jang Won Young To Show Up on ‘Salon Drip 2’ Next Episode!

Get ready for an exciting twist as Jang Won Young from IVE steps into the spotlight for the upcoming episode

2 Min Read

Lee Se Young And Na In Woo Take The Lead In Motel California!

Get ready for a dose of excitement because Lee Se Young and Na In Woo are teaming up for a

3 Min Read

NMIXX Is Getting Ready For A Summer Return!

As the warm rays of summer beckon, NMIXX, the rising K-pop sensation, is gearing up for an electrifying comeback that

2 Min Read

Big Hit Music Launches Global Audition For Next Boy Group Sensation!

Exciting news! Big Hit Music, known for superstars like BTS, is offering an amazing chance for talented people everywhere! They're

2 Min Read

Jang Ki Yong Opens Up About His Return To Drama After Three Years!

Get ready to hear what Jang Ki Yong has to say about being back on TV after three years! He's

4 Min Read

Park Hyung Sik Blossoms With Joy As Japanese Fan Club ‘Hide And SIK’ Takes Flight!

Get ready to cheer because Park Hyung Sik, the beloved actor and heartthrob, has a reason to celebrate! Recently, he

4 Min Read

Zico Shares Collaboration Process With Jennie, Crafting Personalized Tracks For SPOT!

Get set to vibe as Zico teams up with Jennie for an exciting musical adventure! Zico, the genius behind the

4 Min Read

Min Hee Jin Faces $80 Million Loss And Embezzlement Allegations At ADOR!

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride because Min Hee Jin's in a tight spot. She could lose a whopping $80

4 Min Read

RIIZE’s Wonbin Gets Candid About Weight On ‘Hong Seok Cheon’s Jewel Box’ Season 2!

Get ready for a surprising moment as RIIZE's Wonbin talks openly about his weight on the new episode of 'Hong

3 Min Read

‘Queen Of Tears’ Achieves Global Second Place On Netflix Charts, Ends With Record-Breaking Finale!

Get ready for some big news! 'Queen of Tears' is now the second most popular show on Netflix worldwide. People

3 Min Read

Byun Yo Han And Shin Hye Sun Dive Into Dark Themes In ‘Following’!!

Prepare to be captivated as actors Byun Yo Han and Shin Hye Sun take audiences on a thrilling journey into

3 Min Read

Model-Actor Kim Jin Kyung And Footballer Kim Seung Gyu Announce Wedding Plans!!

Love is in the air as model-actor Kim Jin Kyung and footballer Kim Seung Gyu reveal their exciting wedding plans.

4 Min Read

ATEEZ Teases Fans With Group Poster For ‘Golden Hour: Part. 1’ – Check It Out Now!

As the anticipation for their comeback builds, ATEEZ is intensifying their preparations for the release of their 10th mini-album, 'Golden

1 Min Read

YOUNITE’s ‘GEEKIN” MV Teaser Shows Members On A Quest For Trouble!

Get set for some fun as the YOUNITE members star in their new 'GEEKIN'' MV teaser. It's like entering a

2 Min Read

J.Y. Park And Entertainment Stars Open Their Wallets For Global And Local Charities, Setting An Example For All!

Get ready to be inspired by an incredible act of kindness! J.Y. Park, along with some of your favorite entertainment

3 Min Read