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Is Pledis Entertainment’s New Boy Group Too Similar to ONEUS?

The logo for Pledis Entertainment's new boy group, TWS, was unveiled on December 21 KST. A combination of the words

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K-Pop Couple Thunder & Mimi Unite as Cattriever for a Musical Extravaganza!

Thunder and Mimi, a married couple, are launching their career as a duo unit with the name Cattriever. Thunder and

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Kim Se-jeong Steals Hearts with Her Cuteness!

The South Korean singer and actress Kim Se-jeong goes by the stage name Sejeong. She became a member of the

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Jimin’s New Single ‘Closer Than This’ Unveiled for BTS ARMY!

In the near future, Jimin of BTS will release a new single. Despite having recently joined the military, Jimin made

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Woodz’s Announced Last Concert Before Enlistment

Before he enlists in the military, Woodz is going to make some unforgettable memories with his fans. According to EDAM

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What’s Behind the Surprise Duo of Yoo Jae Suk and Jennie in Apartment 404?

A real-life mystery drama starring six residents—Yoo Jae-suk, Cha Tae-hyun, Oh Na-ra, Yang Se-chan, Jennie, and Lee Jung-ha—set against the

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Ryan Michler Divorce Scandal: Did Their Marriage Reach a Breaking Point?

The news of Ryan Michler's divorce has shocked his legion of fans all over the globe. But why did the

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Lee Sun Bin Opens Up About Her Deep Relationship With Lee Kwang Soo

Actress and singer Lee Jin-kyung (aka Lee Sun-bin) hails from South Korea. The South Korean girl group JQT included her

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RM Praises Jimin’s Invaluable Contribution to the Group And Said “Without Him It Would Be A Disaster”

There will always be seven members in BTS. It almost didn't happen that Jimin debuted with BTS, though, did it?

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Fans Are Excited Over Kim Taehyung Being the New Face of Compose Coffee

An anonymous X user named @mznzlb made the claim on December 15, 2023, that BTS member Kim Taehyung will soon

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HYBE’s Staff Shocking Social Media Update Leaves Fans Heartbroken

The final four members of BTS have only been required to serve their country for a week, yet it feels

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Jin’s Spectacular Exhibition Shatters Attendance Records Leaving Fans Awestruck

A tribute exhibition in Seoul was organized by Jin's loyal fans just days before his birthday. The organizers were caught

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BTS Member Jungkook Achieves No. 1 Position on MENA Charts And Become “GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER”

As of his most recent achievement on the official MENA charts, BTS member Jungkook became the first artist to achieve

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Who Is Eileen Gu’s Boyfriend: Does Her Family Know About Their Daughter’s Secret Relationship?

Eileen Gu is a rising star in the world of freestyle skiing. The 18-year-old American-Chinese athlete has made history at

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Who Is Ronaldo Valdez Wife Marife Gibbs: Do They Both Have Any Children Together?

Ronaldo Valdez was a Filipino film and television actor who had a long and successful career spanning almost five decades.

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