Avatar 2: The First Looks At Kate Winslet’s The Way Of Water Character Revealed

It’s possible I’m mistaken, but I thought Kate Winslet’s new character in the upcoming Avatar: The Way of Water would be a human. Comparable to Sam Worthington’s army role before he dons his avatar and becomes a part of the Navi tribe on the fantastical planet of Pandora. First-look photographs obtained exclusively by Empire reveal, however, that Winslet’s Avatar character, Ronal, is blue and a leader among the Navi.

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On the cover of Empire, Kate Winslet certainly looks the part of a formidable fighter (via their Instagram account). In addition, the actress herself provides additional insight about Ronal in the cover article. Winslet compares Ronal to two of James Cameron’s most recognizable movie characters: Sarah Connor from the Terminator films and Ripley from the Alien films (a genre Cameron revitalized when he took over for Ridley Scott with Aliens). To elaborate, Winslet says:

She is deeply loyal and a fearless leader. She is strong. A warrior. Even in the face of grave danger, and with an unborn baby on board, she still joins her people and fights for what she holds most dear. Her family and their home.

Every female action star, if we’re being completely honest, has tried to ride on the coattails of Sarah Connor and Ripley. But I think Kate Winslet has the chops to make this work. When she works with James Cameron, in particular, miraculous things can be accomplished. The second half of Avatar will take place at sea, where they prove to be an unstoppable force. If you’ve seen her in the hit HBO series Mare of Easttown, you know she can be as tough as nails, which is how Ronal seems in the top photo and the second photo provided with this description:

A lot of people will go see Avatar: The Way of Water so they can witness James Cameron and his Titanic leading lady Kate Winslet reunites on screen. However, she does not waste any time in reminding Empire that a long period has gone since they last worked together. The woman explains:

Jim and I are both totally different people now to who we were 26 years ago. He is calmer, and I am definitely more hyperactive now!

Then, millions of viewers will tune in to see if Cameron’s return to Pandora brings any magical changes. What little we do know about Avatar 2 has been detailed here, and the first trailer was covered as soon as it hit the web. In addition to Winslet, we know that Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver (heym Ripley! ), Stephen Lang, CCH Pounder, and many others will be appearing in Avatar: The Way of Water.

As the December release date for Avatar: The Way of Water draws near, we may expect to learn more about the film. While you wait, check out what’s playing in theatres now that it’s 2022!