B Smyth Death Reason Disclosed and What Kind of Disease He Suffered From?

B Smyth Death: On Thursday morning, B. Smyth’s brother Denzil posted a video on the artist’s Instagram page announcing that the R&B singer’s death had been caused by respiratory failure due to pulmonary fibrosis.

He was 30. I never expected to have to make a video like this, so it was a lot of work for me,” Denzil remarked. “So I ask that you guys bear with me if I’m maybe coming off as stuttering or slow with my words,” the narrator says in the video, “but I’m just making this video [on] behalf of my family.”

“We ask right now in this particular moment that you guys respect our wishes for privacy and that we accept all the love and condolences on his behalf.” He continued, “It’s a challenging moment for me, for my family, and we’re just doing our best to cope with this scenario.”

For those who suffer from pulmonary fibrosis, breathing becomes increasingly difficult over time because of the progressive scarring of lung tissue. When the tissue becomes thicker and softer, it hinders the lung’s ability to function.

Denzil added that B. Smyth was “very, really pleased” and had a “smoother process” near the end of his life since he had watched all the films his followers had made of him. B. Smyth, real name Brandon Smith, emerged on the music scene after posting YouTube videos of himself covering songs by singers like Rihanna and Miguel.

Smith was born on March 12, 1994, in Fort Lauderdale. Because of this, he was able to land performances on prominent talent shows, which eventually led to a 2012 record contract with Motown Records. B. Smyth’s first musical offering was a collaboration with 2 Chainz called “Leggo,” published in December 2012, followed by his first extended play (EP), The Florida Files, in October 2013.

His December 2015 single “Creep,” which featured Young Thug, was released after he signed with ByStorm Entertainment and RCA Records. Denzil wrote in the video’s description, “when he was in the ICU, his brother was really happy to see a lot of you make challenges for his latest released track, #Twerkoholic part 2.” He continued, “It made him smile widely.”

B Smyth Cause of Death
B Smyth Cause of Death

B Smyth Passed Away Due to Pulmonary Fibrosis

His death was due to pulmonary fibrosis, as reported by B. Smyth’s brother. Smyth was proven to have been in the intensive care unit shortly before his death. Unfortunately, his medical records are unavailable, so we don’t know when he was first diagnosed.

Scarring and tissue damage in the lungs lead to pulmonary fibrosis. Tissue thickening and stiffness impede the lungs’ ability to function normally, making it harder to breathe as the condition develops.

Damage to the lungs from pulmonary fibrosis cannot be reversed, although symptoms can be managed with medicine and therapy. Lung transplantation is another treatment option. Shortness of breath, dry cough, weariness, unexplained weight loss, hurting muscles and joints, and enlargement and rounding of the tips of the fingers and toes are all symptoms commonly associated with the condition.

Silica dust, asbestos fibres, hard metal dust, coal dust, grain dust, and bird and animal droppings are all potential causes. Age, smoking, certain careers (such as mining, farming, and construction), certain types of cancer therapies, and genetics can all increase a person’s risk of contracting the disease.

B Smyth Was Famous for His Hit Singles

B. Smyth, who was born on March 12, 1994, got his musical start by posting covers to YouTube. In terms of sound, he was frequently pitted against Chris Brown and Usher. After that, in 2012, he signed a record deal with Motown Records, and that year, he dropped his debut single, Leggo.

Released in October 2013, The Florida Files EP was Smyth’s first extended play. After leaving Motown, Smyth signed with ByStorm Entertainment and RCA. Following the success of his previous single, he dropped Creep in December 2015.

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