Baek Jong Won Speaks Out to Dispel Death Rumours

Baek Jong Won Speaks Out to Dispel Death Rumours: Baek Jong Won, a famous TV personality and restaurateur, has addressed reports of his death. Baek Jong Won corrected franchisees on the 24th of December concerning his whereabouts following online death rumors.

Numerous videos on YouTube recently claimed that Baek Jong Won had died and that Lee Seo Jin and Jung Yoo Mi had attended his funeral. These videos were all uploaded on various online platforms.

Baek Jong Won
Baek Jong Won

The following is the complete statement by Baek Jong Won, addressed to his franchisees.

“Hello~ this is Baek Jong Won^^ I understand this is the busy season. Let’s get through this with a little more spirit~ I’m saying hello for the first time in a while, as many of you were worried about my whereabouts. 

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First of all, I’m ~~~ doing well. I’m also very healthy. ^^ But I’m not in Korea. 

Recently, many people have been interested in Korean cuisine internationally, so I’m in the process of filming a program to raise awareness of Korean cuisine. I wrapped up the initial filming stage and am now ready to return to Korea. So I can spend a happy holiday season with my family. My wife has recently started a theater play with Lee Soon Jae, so we’ve been both busy~ 

The only reason I can work on things I want to do domestically and internationally is because of you. I’ll do my best not to fall short of your hard work. I’ll take care of my health and work harder not to tarnish the brand name you are all operating under. Please have faith in me. 

I can’t visit you personally, but I genuinely wish you the best in your business and family.^^”

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