BAEKHO A K-Pop Singer Discusses His Solo Debut Album Absolute Zero And Completing His Tenth Anniversary In The Music Industry

BAEKHO A K-Pop Singer Discusses His Solo Debut Album Absolute Zero And Completing His Tenth Anniversary In The Music Industry. In physics, “Absolute Zero” refers to an exceedingly low temperature at which neither heat nor motion may exist. It’s been a challenge for Korean singer-songwriter BAEKHO (born KANG DONGHO) to strike a middle ground between these two poles.

He’s been working in the business for almost a decade, but only recently released his first album under his name. The music video for the lead single “No Rules” captures this emotion perfectly, as he wanders around freely despite the freezing temperatures. So much love is shown, and it all looks so lovely, so true to life.

Let me be the only thing you ever want; I’ll satisfy all your curiosity and more. Well-known as the former band NU’EST’s lead vocalist, producer, and songwriter, it has been around long enough to witness the industry’s constant evolution. In the wake of the group’s dissolution after their tenth record, BAEKHO re-upped with his label.

The singer-songwriter-producer takes a significant first step in his long-planned quest to discover who he is through his music with the release of Absolute Zero. I knew BAEKHO had set out to make an album of which he could be proud the first time I heard it, months before it was ever released.

This album provides an insight into the artist’s eclectic musical tastes, with styles as varied as R&B, Hip-Hop, Newtro, irresistible bass, rock sounds, and more all represented. The album as a whole is about his emotional temperature fluctuating, from the Rock/EDM track “Festival in my car” to the neutron track “We don’t care longer (Feat. June One of Glen Check). The former was the first song he worked on for this album.

Given that he was the album’s sole vocalist, he reasoned that “people were going to understand my music a little better if I made music that represents the kind of person I am,” as he said to Reverse magazine. The way BAEKHO tells his story is told with assurance in his songwriting, which is mature and features sharp sound aspects in production and exploration of other genres.

He has a clear goal in mind, and he is laser-focused on making music that expresses that goal through melodies and lyrics that are as truthful as possible about his journey and current situation. Even if his raw feelings are expressed in the record, what is it like to make your debut after working in the industry for ten years? While BAEKHO is feeling the heat, he also has a clear picture of his future.

He tells us, “I hope to produce music and perform for a long time!” in an interview. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama, the Korean singer BAEKHO discusses the challenges of making a solo album after a decade-long musical career, as well as how his artistic expression has developed over the years.

I’m glad you finally released an album all by yourself. Feelings of excitement, anxiousness, or general contentment? Now that I’ve put out my debut EP, I’m having a lot more fun than I anticipated when playing live and marketing my music. I appreciate the chance to connect with my audience every time I perform.

I get the impression from listening to the record that you’re trying to start over. It’s the start of a new chapter as you reintroduce yourself with a more refined, adult tone. Did you, too, notice a change in how you created music as a result of listening to this album? The process of creating this record served as a great educational opportunity.

For the first time ever, I was exposed to a completely different version of my own voice and tone while recording. In-depth conversations with different creatives also enlightened me about new ways to improve the quality of my own sound.

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