Beastar Season 3 Cast, Storyline And Everything We Know So Far

There has been some speculation over whether or not a third season of Beastars would be produced after the conclusion of season 2, which will air in Japan and be available on Netflix in July 2021.

A lot has been revealed in the second season, and now that Legoshi has fought Tem’s killer, we can’t wait to see what happens next for him!

Written and illustrated in Japan by Parui, Itagak Beastars is based on her manga. The setting of the anime is an anthropomorphic animal planet where predators and herbivores have a cultural split. Following the horrific murder and nighttime consumption of Tem the alpaca, the peace and harmony between the two tribes was upended.

Finally, Tem’s killer is uncovered in the second season, and Legoshi takes on the man in a fatal combat. He will, however, face the consequences of his heroic efforts in the next chapter.

Beastar Season 3: Is a Third Season of Beastars  in the Works?

Beastars has received a third season order.

Renewing the show was first announced on Twitter in July of last year. However, there’s some bad news. In December 2021, Studio Orange released a new logo for the anime series and revealed that the third season would be the last.

Beastar Season 3: When Is Season 3 of Beastars Possibly Released?

Beastars season 3 is expected to premiere in Japan in mid-2022 and then be available on Netflix a few months after the Japanese season ends.

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On Fuji TV’s +Ultra programming block, the first season of “Beastars” ran from October to December 2019. As of March 2020, the film will be available on Netflix.

It was broadcast from January to March 2021 and was released on Netflix in July of the same year.

Beastars Season 3 Plot

Here’s a heads-up: There are spoilers for Season 2 below.

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In order to forecast the third season’s plot, we can look at where season 2 left off and compare it to the manga’s storyline.

Season 2 ultimately reveals Tem’s killer. Riz, the bear, was the nocturnal killer who ate the alpaca. While fighting Riz, Louis sacrificed his leg so that Legoshi might try eating meat for the first time. Legoshi was able to defeat Riz thanks to the extra strength this gave him.

For Legoshi, that clash will be a turning point in the coming seasons.

The cops arrested both Legoshi and Riz after the fight. Legoshi will not have a minor criminal record for eating Louis’ flesh, but he will be labelled as a predatory offender. In the anthropomorphic world, it is strictly forbidden to consume the flesh of another living creature.

Due to his criminal record, Legoshi will have a difficult time returning to his previous lifestyle. His ability to attend non-segregated universities has been revoked, and no herbivore-owned businesses will hire him. The saddest part is that he will no longer be able to marry a herbivore and must leave Haru without explanation.

During the third season, Legoshi will be adjusting to his new life after the catastrophe.

Beastar Season 3: Who Is in the Cast?

When Beastars  is extended for a third season, the regular cast members are likely to return.

Our options for the Japanese dub are:

Sayaka Senbongi portrays Legoshi, while Haru Yki Ono portrays Haru Yki Ono as Louis.

English dubs are available.

Legoshi, played by Jonah Scott,

Lara When Can We See Haru Griffin Puatu as Louis Beastars, Played by Jill Miller, in the Season 3 Trailer?

If our 2022 release date predictions are true, the official trailer is expected to arrive within months.

As Beastars season 3 gets closer, we’ll be sure to update this article with the latest developments.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for season 2 here.

Final Lines-

Beastars fans will be saddened to learn that the anime series will be discontinued after the third season.

When Orange Anime Studio tweeted out the new “Final Season” logo on December 7th, it was accompanied by the following message:

Many fans were anticipating a fourth season to follow, which has caused some consternation. This was due to the manga’s rapid-fire pacing; as previously said, just around half of the original tale has been adapted.

Preliminary estimates suggest that the third season of Beastars will include 24 episodes, rather than 12. This would allow the remaining manga chapters to be fully adapted into the final episodes of the animated series.

A feature film could also be made, as has been increasingly common in recent anime productions, if the third television broadcast does not wrap up the original storyline.

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