Bendy And The Dark Revival Release Date: What Is The Price Of This Game?

Bendy And The Dark Revival Release Date: Although Halloween has passed, chills can still be felt. Fans of the genre should keep a look out for another sleeper smash, Bendy and the Dark Revival, a sequel to the cult classic 2017 game Bendy and the Ink Machine. The sequel introduces a new protagonist and features expanded action sequences among other changes to the gameplay.

The classic “rubber hose” animation style from the first game returns in Bendy and the Dark Revival, giving the whole thing a suitably spooky vibe. Here’s the skinny on Bendy and the Dark Revival if you’re looking for a new scary video game to play.

Bendy And The Dark Revival Release Date
Bendy And The Dark Revival Release Date

Bendy And The Dark Revival Release Date

The long-awaited release date for the horror game sequel Bendy and the Dark Revival has been revealed. Not only is BatIM one of the many recent indie horror games to find success, but so has Poppy Playtime, the latter of which has just revealed plans for a co-op sequel.

Exciting news for Bendy and the Ink Machine fans has been revealed in a new trailer uploaded to the Joey Drew Studios YouTube page. According to Steam’s roadmap, Bendy and the Dark Revival will be available on November 15th, 2022 for PC. The Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game are now listed as “Coming Soon,” so console players may have to wait a while longer.

However, the delay does not appear to have dampened reactions, as the trailer has already amassed 1.5 million views in just a few hours. The video, like the Poppy Playtime teaser videos before it, has generated a lot of excitement among the show’s diehard followers. You may also read Creed 3 Release Date

Bendy And The Dark Revival Cast

The protagonist of Bendy and the Dark Revival will be different from that of the first film. The latest clip shows Audrey, who like Henry seems to be a cartoonist, racing and fighting her way into the bowels of Joey Drew Studios. Also, the video gives a peek at her horrific transformation into one of the ink creatures who prowl the corridors of the animation studio.

Along with an armed Alice Angel and the Butcher Gang, we also get to see Bendy, who has taken on a friendlier appearance than the scary Ink Demon in BatIM. Nonetheless, it appears that many gamers will find the new horror game to be the stuff of nightmares. Yes, it has taken quite some time to finally make this announcement.

After a serialized release schedule in 2017 and 2018, the original Bendy and the Ink Machine was ported to multiple platforms in 2018. The popularity of the series’ premise, which gradually increased anticipation with each new episode, inspired subsequent works like Poppy Playtime.

One of BatIM’s most distinguishing features is the way its characters move, which was achieved in part by borrowing elements from the style of rubber hose animation. Cuphead is possibly the only other recent game to successfully employ this technique.

Even longer than the five-year gap between Cuphead and its downloadable content, The Delicious Last Course, this new trailer has been in development. Many BatIM supporters would be very happy to hear this news. Many fans are probably happy to finally get release date information, and even more so to learn that the release is only two weeks away.

The teaser has already generated a lot of excitement, and the hints at the story will no doubt spark even more conjecture in the audience in the lead-up to the release. According to the latest trailer, Bendy and the Dark Revival will be an excitingly horrifying adventure.

There are certainly numerous hidden secrets at Joey Drew Studios, much like there were at Playtime Co. in Poppy Playtime.

Bendy And The Dark Revival Trailer

In light of this new information, a trailer for Bendy And The Dark Revival Release Date is November 15, 2022, on PC. Xbox and PlayStation versions will also be released at a later time, however, whether for older or newer consoles is yet unknown. The trailer reveals that much of the original game’s gameplay principles will return in Bendy and the Dark Revival, along with the series’ signature visual style (albeit with a great aesthetic update).

Once again, players will control Joey Drew in a first-person perspective as they explore Joey Drew Studios and solve environmental puzzles, avoid hazards, and vanquish “ink-tainted” foes. This time around, players will assume the role of Audrey, a cartoonist, and animator who acquires strange mutations and abilities.

The Dark Revival is the second independent game developed and published by Joey Drew Studios; the first, also titled The Dark Revival, was released in February of 2020. In Boris and the Dark Survival, the player assumes the role of Boris, Bendy’s animated wolf sidekick, and returns to the inky, corrupted animation studio from the game’s predecessor, Bendy, and the Ink Machine.

Fans can discover even more about the history of this fascinating animated world through other mediums outside of video games. A full-fledged franchise, Bendy quickly spawned animated shorts, a crossover with Cuphead, a mobile spinoff game titled Bendy in Nightmare Run, and other goods after its popular introduction.

Both Dreams Come to Life and The Illusion of Living, two books mentioned in Bendy and the Ink Machine, have since seen print. In these works by Adrienne Kress, we learn more about Joey Drew and the imaginary animation business he established.

Bendy And The Dark Revival Price

Bendy and the Dark Revival will not be distributed in episodes like the first game was. The PC version of the game will retail for $29.99 when it finally launches. Although it’s likely that both the publisher Rooster Teeth and the developer Joey Drew Studios will use comparable console pricing, they haven’t officially announced it.

Bendy And The Dark Revival Gameplay

Although there are still puzzle-solving and stealth components, Bendy and the Dark Revival appear to have far more emphasis on action than the original game. Audrey uses several types of combat weapons, including a large pipe, in the promotional video for the film’s upcoming release. You’ll have to solve a bunch of problems in the environment while trying to avoid the scary Ink Demon.

Bendy And The Dark Revival Release Date
Bendy And The Dark Revival Release Date

The latest clip shows off a wide variety of adversaries you’ll have to face, including those with enormous mascot heads, inky shamblers, and a masked man with an antique gun. At the end of the trailer, we see what appears to be a dash maneuver à la Dishonored, suggesting that Audrey will earn a range of abilities to utilize throughout the game.

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