Lapillus’s Bessie Will Take a Break Owing to Health Issues

Bessie Will Take a Break: Bessie of Lapillus is on leave due to health issues. Bessie’s label, MLD Entertainment, confirmed on December 8 that she would not be promoting with the female group for the time being.

“Lapillus member Bessie just received a prescription from a medical practitioner who informed her that it would be preferable for her to acquire appropriate rest and stability for the time being due to her poor health,” MLD added.

“She’s presently healing in a situation where everyday activities are still achievable without being too strenuous,” the label stated, “but so far, she’s focusing on therapy and recovering with rest.”

Lapillus's Bessie
Lapillus’s Bessie


Formed and managed by MLD Entertainment, Lapillus is a girl group from South Korea. All told, there are six people making up the group: Chanty, Shana, Yue, Bessie, Seowon, and Haeun. With the release of their first digital single album Hit Ya! on June 20, 2022, they officially entered the music scene.

A member of the J-Group, Shana finished in sixteenth place on Girls Planet 999. Once signed to Star Magic in the Philippines, Chanty’s acting credits include roles in shows like Hiwaga ng Kambat, I Got You, and Starla.

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From December 2021 to August 2022, Chanty and Shana produced a YouTube series called ChanSha World, where they played games and completed challenges for their fans in advance of their official debut.

After the launch of Momoland in 2016, MLD Entertainment announced on May 16, 2022, that they would be releasing a new girl group. From May 23-25, the members were introduced in pairs: Shana and Haeun, Seowon and Yue, and Bessie and Chanty.

On June 13, 2022, the group’s debut album title was announced, and subsequent teaser photos, videos, and ads began.

Lapillus’s Hit Ya! is the first digital single album by a girl group to be issued by MLD Entertainment in six years. release date of June 20, 2022; features title tune plus instrumental of the same name. Lapillus’s debut TV performance was shown on Mnet’s M Countdown on June 23, 2022.

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