Top 10 Best Anime Female Characters In Winter 2022!

So many great female characters have been created as a result of anime. In the same way that anime fangirls support male anime characters, there are also anime fanboys who support female anime characters. Anime fangirls and fanboys alike have a soft spot for certain female characters, who leave a lasting impression. The best female anime characters from Winter 2022 will be examined in this article. Women’s roles have been restricted in many societies, particularly in Asian countries where women are expected to take care of the home alone. Anime has made an effort to improve the portrayal of female characters over the years as more roles for women in media have opened up. As far as anime series go, the female characters aren’t limited to a single role. Besides fighting alongside their male counterparts, they put on quite the show.

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Winter Anime 2022’s Top 10 Female Characters.

A new crop of female protagonists awaits anime fans as the winter 2022 season draws to a close. Many female characters have done so well in so many different areas that it has been difficult for many people to pick a favorite. Here are some of the best female anime characters from the upcoming winter 2022 season of Japanese television.

Best Anime Female Characters

Kitagawa Marin Is Number Tenth

Until now, this anime has topped the charts. Why is this the case? Due in part to Marin’s efforts. She has clearly charmed the audience as one of the two main protagonists. The way she showcases each and every piece of clothing she wears has made many of her fans go blind. I’m completely oblivious to my feelings.

Pawar Nekoyanagi Is Number Ninth

You must be familiar with the Panda doctor if you’ve watched the Sabuiki Bisco series. Doctor Pawoo has an older sister who was also infected with rust if you recall that. And did you know that she’s the head of the Imihama Vigilante Corps? When it comes to fighting spirit, she’s on another level altogether. In order to protect Milo, Nekoyanagi will do anything and everything to make sure he is safe. In the eyes of the fans, Nekoyanagi is a dangerous “my type.” Even though Nekoyanagi distrusts everyone, she still has a lot of rages to extinguish. And that’s why she’s so popular with fans.

Pawar Nekoyanagi

Akebi Komichi Is Number Eight

For Akebi’s Sailor Uniform, Akebi is the protagonist. Our gaze is firmly fixed on Akebi because she is a strikingly attractive woman. It’s no secret that Akebi is adored by the anime community. Why? Because Akebi’s eyes have been sculpted with charms, even though she is as ambitious as they come. It’s clear that her eyes aren’t the only thing drawing in the crowd. Akebia’s cheerfulness and distinct personality have also piqued the interest of fans.

Takagi Is Number Seventh 

Takagi is the name of the main character in the anime series Karaki Jozu no Takagi-san. Takagi and Nishikata, the on-screen couple, have a devoted following. Takagi’s mature voice is one of the many reasons she’s been the subject of secretive fan attention. In spite of her age, Takagi sounds like a high schooler. It’s hard not to be swayed by her low and hushed voice. Fans, on the other hand, can’t help but smile as she teases Nishikata. If Takagi said that to us, the fans can’t help but feel humiliated as well. Who else but fans will be smitten by a female character who simultaneously makes them feel shy and loves them?

Jeanne Is Number Sixth

The majority of people have only seen male vampires. When it comes to a female vampire known as Jeanne, she has no chance of escaping notice. Jeanne has captured the hearts of both her followers and Vanitas. The show has recently turned Jeanne into a love-struck fool, despite the fact that she initially appears to be fierce. Jeanne’s timidity towards Vanitas in ‘The Case Study of Vanitas’ makes everyone blush. Because she is a vampire, Jeanne’s resolve is both refined and unwavering. But when it comes to love, of any kind, she becomes weak and appears to be a maiden who has no idea what she is talking about.


Eustiana Von Astraea Is Number Fifth

In The Princess Connect, The Pecorino Princess ‘Gourmet Edifice Guild Master’ is Dive’s title. She’s best known in the series for her sweet personality and her constant desire to eat. Do you believe you can approach a stranger and say “hello” even if they don’t respond? Pecorino has the ability! That’s why she has so many admirers.

Ninym Raleigh Is Number Fourth

Is this the first time you’ve seen a cutesy kill? Of course, any and all weebs could have. This time, however, Ninym is on an entirely different level. The lowered tone of Ninym’s voice when she is asked to say “meow,” for example, has already won over many hearts. This line, “Ninym is a killer and I love it,” has become so popular that anime fans don’t even know who she is. Ninym can be a bit of a jerk at times, but she’s incredibly trustworthy. When it comes to Wein’s paperwork and time management, she is a stickler. Her competence was obvious to anyone who cared to look.

Dankworth Chateau Is Number Third 

It’s rare to come across a strong female lead like Chateau. It’s a tired cliche, but it’s also true. Why is this the case? Because Chateau, a skilled fighter and a skeptic of love, is so hard to come by. When it comes to putting herself in harm’s way, Chateau has an uncanny ability to identify dangerous situations. Aside from the fact that she irritates Chateau by putting herself in danger so frequently, she’s a lovely young lady who has no idea how ardently Ryang-ha Song desires her favor. Chateau is baffled as to why Song is following her around all the time, despite his obvious affection for her. Even though he’s tried, I hope she gets it sooner rather than later! In addition, Chateau is one of the best female characters in the winter 2022 anime season because of her tough, resolute, and consistent charisma.

Mikasa Ackerman Is Number Second 

Mikasa Ackerman is the best female character in AOT. There are so many reasons why Mikasa is so popular. The term “waifu” was coined to describe her by some of her admirers. Fans have taken notice of her because of the way she looks after those close to her. Too many people have been hurt by her devotion to Eren and her undying love for him. True, Eren stood out more than Mikasa, the protagonist. As far as female characters go, she is and always will be the most recognizable. Since her abilities were so well-honed, many fans wondered why she wasn’t the main protagonist. Many fans have also commented on Mikasa’s resilience. Her parents were murdered in front of her, and she killed someone for the first time, which led to her becoming a strong person.

Nezuko Kamado Is Number First

A character from the Demon Slayer series, Nezuko Kamado is the sweetest and yet the most dangerous of the bunch. Congratulations to Nezuko, who has risen to the top of the Upper Six after her recent fight with Daki. Even after the anime was released in 2019, Nezuko has been the most popular character. Entertainment Arc, KNY’s 2022 series, has also shaken the ground. When Nezuko, who was so innocent and caring, couldn’t resist the urge to drink human blood, she appeared to be in agony. At that moment, she appeared capable of devouring anyone. She shrank in response to Tanjiro’s lullaby. At that moment, the hearts of the fans were broken. Many fans’ affections have been won by Nezuko, who is both a ‘waifu‘ and a strong female character.