Betsy Johnson And Planned Parenthood Are In A Fight Over A Claim That The Endorsed Them

Planned Parenthood’s political action committee says that one of the three candidates for governor of Oregon lied at the debate in Bend on Tuesday night. Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon says it talked to independent candidate Betsy Johnson about getting her support.

Tuesday, when the topic of abortion came up in the debate, Democratic candidate Tina Kotek said that she was the only one on the stage who had been backed by Planned Parenthood. Then Johnson said something.

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Johnson said, “I wasn’t able to show my credentials to Planned Parenthood.” “Planned Parenthood is now owned by the Democrat Party in its entirety. We weren’t asked to fill out a form or show proof of who we were, and I disagree with the idea that I’m not fully pro-choice. I am and always will be.”

This was called a lie by Planned Parenthood PAC. It sent a copy of what it says is an email sent to Johnson’s campaign on December 17, 2021, to the Central Oregon Daily News. In the email, it says, “Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon would like to invite you to join our endorsement process for the 2022 Governor’s Primary.”

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The PAC says Johnson didn’t answer. Johnson had an interview set up with the Central Oregon Daily News on Wednesday morning. Johnson, who says she supports women’s right to choose, doesn’t agree with the claim and says it’s not the real issue.

“Planned Parenthood and I disagree about the past, and saying “she lied, they lied” doesn’t help. “The real issue is whether or not a woman in Oregon will have reproductive choices and the chance to be in charge of her own reproductive life,” said Johnson.

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