BIBI Will Perform Her First Solo Concert Since Her Debut, Titled ‘Can’t You Come?’

BIBI Will Perform Her First Solo Concert: Since her debut, singer BIBI has been planning her first solo show. Many of BIBI’s followers are eagerly anticipating her upcoming December 28 KST event, titled “Can’t You Come?” Even though BIBI has already performed at major events like Coachella and HITC, a solo concert will be especially significant because it will be her first public performance since her debut.

Tiger JK, rapper and founder of Feel Ghood Music, stated, “We deeply appreciate the support that both domestic and international music fans give BIBI. Her first concert since her debut will provide you with pleasant memories with its unconventional stage directing and performances.”

At the same time, BIBI will be performing at YES24 Live Hall on December 28 at 8 PM KST.



A singer and composer from South Korea, Bibi is the stage name of Kim Hyung-seo. As a result of Yoon Mi-rae hearing her self-produced tracks on SoundCloud, she was signed to Feel Ghood Music in 2017.

She competed in the SBS reality show The Fan, where she placed second. On May 15, 2019, with the release of the track “Binu,” she entered the music scene for the first time. On SoundCloud, Bibi went by the name “Nakedbibi.”

Since “baby” can be pronounced similarly to “bibi” when spoken rapidly, and since newborns typically go around naked and unaltered, this is where the name’s origin lies. Her current stage name is supposedly representative of her desire to be authentic in her performances.

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Bibi seeks out unconventional and unrestrained musical expression. She dabbles in R&B, soul, hip-hop, and even the occasional ballad in her songs. It’s a musical style that, rather than focusing on dealing with lovely things, strives to sublimate beautiful, but otherwise alienated and hidden from the world, sorrows and pains.

Bibi has two red dots (or moles) under each of her eyes. Her signature dot-patterned makeup is a touching tribute to the grandfather who served as such a positive influence on her life and was inspired by the roseola that ultimately claimed his life due to a series of fatal fevers.

Kim Na-kyoung, Bibi’s younger sister, made her debut with the Asian branch of the girl group TripleS on October 28, 2022, as a member of Acid Angel.

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