Seasons one and two covered Billy’s early career, including his joining Pat Garrett’s 7 Rivers Gang, the Lincoln County War that ensued, and the establishment of the Santa Fe Ring. Even though season 2 is still unfolding, the tale does not feel close enough to the finish to be concluded by the end of the second chapter, thus fans are already highly anticipating season 3 of Billy the Kid.

There has been no official word yet on when Billy the Kid Season 3 will premiere. Nonetheless, this is nothing to worry about since season two is still going strong. Soon, MGM may give fans information on the continuation of Billy the Kid. Still, the show’s destiny may not be settled until after the second season concludes in December 2023.

Is There A Billy The Kid Season 3 Release Date?

There is currently no confirmed premiere date for Season 3 of Billy the Kid, but one is expected to be revealed soon.

Season 3 of Billy the Kid has not been announced as of this writing. Season 2 started on October 15, 2023, after being renewed in January 2023. Season 1 debuted in April 2022. Season 2 ratings will need to be studied in detail in order to determine whether or not to continue the show for a third season.

However, considering the series’ generally positive reception, it is expected to be renewed for a second season. The final ruling is still pending, but Season 3 could premiere in early to mid-2025 based on the period between Seasons 1 and 2. Once we have further information, we will share it here at ComingSoon.

In Season 2 of Billy The Kid, Billy and his pals face off against Jesse Evans, one of Billy’s old friends. However, the Lincoln County War breaks out as a direct result of their fight with Jesse and the evil forces of the Santa Fe Ring. Consequently, the conflict will likely persist throughout Season 3.

Tom Blyth takes up the role of Billy the Kid in the show. Meanwhile, Daniel Webber, Eileen O’Higgins, Dakota Daulby, and Ryan Kennedy round out the cast. Once the show is renewed for a third season, most of the original cast will likely return.

Billy The Kid Season 3 Cast

Casting news for season 3 of Billy the Kid has not yet been made public. Since new characters may be created and current ones may die off by the conclusion of the second season, it’s also hard to predict the cast of the third season until the second is finished. Tom Blyth (The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes, Benediction), who plays Billy the Kid, is almost certain to reprise his role.

The role of Kathleen McCarty, played by Eileen O’Higgins (Brooklyn, Mary Queen of Scots), is the one about which the least is known. After being a regular in the first season, McCarty makes only occasional appearances in the second, making Eileen O’Higgins’ return for the third season of Billy the Kid unlikely.

For those who want to stay informed about the release dates of the series mentioned, the following details might be important:

Season 3 of Billy the Kid could feature an appearance by any of the series’ regular or recurring cast members. Given their proximity to Billy’s story, both Alex Roe (The Fugitives) and Daniel Webber (The Dirt, 11.22.63) are likely to reprise their roles as Jesse Evans and Pat Garrett, respectively. The cast of Billy the Kid season 3 beyond Tom Blyth as Billy cannot be reliably predicted until official announcements are made.

Billy The Kid Season 3 Plot

Still, the showrunners appear to be planning for a third season, and there’s plenty of room in the story for more adventures with Billy the Kid. It’s possible, though unconfirmed, that production on Season 3 has already begun, and we’re simply waiting for the green light.

Season 3, if it comes to be, will take its cues from how extensively Season 2 covers the Lincoln County War. The show’s main conflict began after a significant death that hasn’t been seen yet; this death is likely to occur near the conclusion of the second season, leaving the aftermath for a possible third season.

Notably, the actual Billy the Kid passed away at the young age of twenty-one, so if the program does go on, the writers may have to fudge the facts a bit to account for his untimely demise.

But a great TV show will never actually allow facts to interfere with a good idea, so there will always be a way to keep that tale running if the show continues to be popular, and when the ratings do start to dip, you can expect a theatrical ending to the story.