What is Blackpink Jisoo Age And Who is her Best friend?

Blackpink Jisoo Age: Kim Ji Soo, better known by her stage name and monicker Jisoo, is the lead vocalist and main visual for the YG Entertainment girl group BLACKPINK. Despite having been born in South Korea, Jisoo is fluent in Japanese and has a rudimentary grasp of Chinese.

While Jisoo is the group’s eldest member, her 4D personality has earned her the title of “state of mind producer,” according to Jennie. Jisoo’s appearances on TV shows and in music videos (such as “SPOILER + HAPPEN ENDING” by Epik High and “I’m Different” by Hi-Suhyun) helped to boost her profile long before her Debut. Jisoo debuted with the girl group BLACKPINK in 2016.

Blackpink Jisoo Age
Blackpink Jisoo Age

Jisoo Early Life

Kim Ji-birthdate soo’s is January 3rd, 1995, and she was born in Gunpo, Gyeonggi, South Korea. As a trainee, Kim auditioned for YG Entertainment in 2011. Kim Ji-soo alternatively known as Jisoo is a South Korean Singer.

She has been the most seasoned individual from the extraordinarily recognised girl’s singing group named ‘Blackpink’ under YG Entertainment since August 2016. Kim Ji-soo is also well-known for her hip-hop, dance-pop, and k-pop vocals and dance moves.

Kim Ji-soo, a student at the time, was interviewed and accepted into YG Entertainment in 2011. She has to go through an interview process first, and then she had to put in 5 years of training. She co-starred with Jung Hae-in on the 2021 JTBC variety show Snowdrop, where she promoted her career as an actress.

Jisoo Career

Jisoo began training with YG Entertainment in August 2011 at the age of sixteen, after having spent the previous five years perfecting her vocals. She joined BLACKPINK as their main vocalist and visual artist in August 2016.

The number of people who knew of her brilliance prior to her enrollment at YG was much larger. Kim Ji-popularity soo’s at school was unprecedented for a student of her attractiveness and intelligence. Formerly, she attended the High School for the Performing Arts.

When she went to Seoul, South Korea with her family, she had to start again with her education. She first came to light when YG Entertainment released a “Who’s That Girl?” teaser in 2012, followed by two photos the following year in January.

Jisoo is scheduled to make her acting debut on August 18, 2020, according to YG Entertainment. She created a huge impact in the leading role of the JTBC drama Snowdrop. The broadcast year for the show was 2021.

Jisoo Personal Life

Kim Jisoo of Blackpink lives with a prosperous family in Gunpo, Gyeonggi, South Korea. She identifies as Christian and has South Korean ancestry, which has been confirmed. She has a great deal of faith in God and her religion, and she attends services often.

Her dad’s name is Ha-Joon Kim she is the CEO of a major organisation her mom’s name is Ji-Yoo Kim she works for the underprivileged in an NGO.

Her older sister, Kim-Ji Yoon, is a popular social media influencer with about half a million Instagram followers as of January 2022, while her younger sister, Kim Jung-hoon, is a professional photographer.

Blackpink Jisoo Age

Jisoo of BLACKPINK will turn 27 years old in 2022. On January 3, 1995, in Gunpo, Gyeonggi, South Korea, Kim Jisoo entered the world. When it comes to BLACKPINK, Jisoo is the granddaddy of the group.

Jisoo Endorsements

Jisoo’s modelling career predates her debut with Blackpink; she has appeared in commercials for Samsonite, Smart Uniform, LG Electronics, and Nikon. Together with her bandmate Rosé, Jisoo signed an endorsement deal with a Japanese cosmetics company in September 2018.

The Korean fashion label It Michaa chose Jisoo as the inspiration for their Spring 2021 line in February 2021. She has also been picked to represent It Michaa’s For a Day Michaa summer 2021 collection.

CELEBe, a popular brand of Korean shorts, chose Jisoo as their spokesperson in August of 2021. As of March 2022, Jisoo is Nexon’s second MapleStory brand ambassador, following Olympic archer Kim Je-deok.

Who is Jisoo’s Best friend?

After meeting at a Korean sauna, Jennie and Jisoo became fast friends in just three days, as they later confessed on the show Knowing Bros. In fact, during an episode of the reality TV show Blackpink House, they received matching rings engraved with “Jj4eva” to indicate how close they are as friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Jisoo lover?

Jisoo has denied any dating rumours by stating categorically that she has never had a boyfriend or been in a relationship.

Why is Jisoo called Sooya?

Jisoo is known by many different forms of her name. Jisoo’s Instagram handle, which includes her nickname, is @sooyaaa, hence the Soo and Sooya.

What is Jisoo’s favourite colour?

Purple is one of her favourite hues. She’s a pro at a few other sports, including inline skating, basketball, and snowboarding.

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