Blackpink Lights Up Houston With Two Shows

Blackpink Lights Up Houston With Two Shows. Stars like Post Malone and Lizzo from Texas, country singer Chris Stapleton, reggaeton combo Wisin & Yandel, and disco legends like Martha Wash, Linda Clifford, and Norma Jean Wright have all visited in recent days. Wow, that’s quite a stellar cast.

Nonetheless, Blackpink, a K-pop female trio, may have been the most impressive of the bunch. Literally. The Born Pink World Tour continued through Houston, Texas, after its initial stop in Dallas, Texas.

It was also the first time the band had ever played in this venue. Blackpink’s “blinks,” as their devoted fanbase is known, packed the Toyota Center for both of the band’s weekend gigs. Those who had floor tickets had to wait in long lines in order to get good spots close to the stage.

Others arrived early to purchase merchandise such as $55 light sticks, hoodies, bucket hats, and bags. What we mean by “light sticks” is simply colourful flashlights that are specific to each K-pop group.

Blackpink Lights Up Houston
Blackpink Lights Up Houston

Thousands of them, shaped like a hammer with hearts on both sides, illuminated Toyota Center. Blackpink’s real name is pronounced bl-ping-bong. The group’s blonde member and unofficial spokesman, Rosé, described the crowd on Sunday as “one of the loudest groups” they’ve ever played for.

Early on in the two-hour concert, she declared, “The energy is so huge that I know it is going to be a crazy night.” They may have been rehearsing their lines. But the audience lapped it up. They were quite vocal, calling out the names of the band members in between numbers, singing every word, and repeatedly screaming “Blackpink.”

The energy level never dropped below that mark throughout the performance. It was largely owing to the fact that Blackpink treated each song as if it were the first or last of the night, singing anything from “Pretty Savage” to “Don’t Know What to Do” with the same vigour. They were backed by a great band and a dozen or more dancers.

Before the event even started, the four members of the band were introduced, and later in the show, they were each given a name spotlight on the massive LED screens. (Why don’t more people do that?) After more than 150 people were killed in a crowd surge in the Seoul neighbourhood during Halloween celebrations, the screens projected the message “Pray for Itaewon” before the event began, expressing “deepest sympathies to the dead, families, and those impacted.”

The opener, “How You Like That,” set the tone for the entire album. The song “Kill This Love” combined elements of hip-hop and pop with the authoritative blare of a marching band. The song “Tally” featured an unusually slow tempo for the band and demonstrated their range.

The latest track “Pink Venom,” Korea’s first No. 1 by a female artist, is a great expansion on the Blackpink fusion. There were costume changes and endearing banter between band members as well as video interludes every five songs or so.

And everyone got their turn in the spotlight all by themselves, too. Perhaps it was the purple, but when Jisoo sang Camila Cabello‘s “Liar,” she sounded a lot like Selena, the Tejano queen who inspired the song. There were echoes of Rihanna in Jennie’s original version.

To rising ovations, Rosé ascended the stage, her fur cloak sweeping the floor. Songs like “Hard to Love” and “On the Ground” have positioned her as a more down-to-earth pop-rock diva, evoking comparisons to Christina Aguilera.

The greatest cheers were saved for Lisa’s tracks “Lisa” and “Money,” which emphasise her icy charm. While the members of Blackpink are certainly well-groomed, they yet retain a certain lovable rawness that makes them approachable live.

They paused at the end of the performance to gush over one other’s moves and voices and to inquire as to the experience of debuting brand-new material in front of an audience. It’s like we’re on a chat show, Rosé remarked.

Of everyone here, she is the one who seems most at ease in front of a large audience. When it came time for an encore, the four girls donned Blackpink hoodies and performed three songs: “Yeah Yeah Yeah” from the album “Born Pink,” as well as “Stay” and “As If It’s Your Last.”

Since it came after the final song, “Forever Young,” and a lengthy intermission, it had the feel of a genuine encore. Lisa, tears seemingly welling in her eyes, addressed the applauding crowd, “We don’t want to leave.” There was mutual adoration between Blinks and the speaker.

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