Top K-pop Artists BlackPink Perform Energetically At State Farm Arena

Top K-pop Artists BlackPink Perform Energetically At State Farm Arena. You’ve probably heard of BlackPink if you’ve ever used TikTok or Instagram. The K-pop stars have demonstrated that they are more than just internet sensations with the success of their tracks “Pink Venom” and “Shut Down” this summer.

On Wednesday and Thursday night, thousands of fans packed State Farm Arena to see Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa perform to sold-out crowds. Like its BTS compatriots in South Korea, BlackPink has become an international sensation, selling millions of records and topping the Billboard charts in the United States.

The “Born Pink Tour” is currently making its way around the United States before venturing overseas. A tight backing band skillfully recreated the sounds of BlackPink’s blend of Korean and English tracks, while pyrotechnics and great choreography delighted the group’s ardent fans throughout the course of two nights.

BlackPink Perform Energetically
BlackPink Perform Energetically

The “Born Pink Tour” featuring BlackPink will be at State Farm Arena on November 3. (Image courtesy of Jacob Nguyen) The two-hour performance was structured like a theatrical production, with four separate acts, each with its own set design, lighting scheme, and wardrobe choices to match the mood of the songs performed.

The band kicked off the show in adorable pink miniskirts, playing more simple pop favorites like “How You Like That,” “Whistle,” and “Lovesick Girls.” After a brief intermission during which dramatic video images of the band were projected onto giant stage screens, the band returned to perform heavier songs like “Kill This Love,” “Playing With Fire,” and an extended version of “Pink Venom,” during which the dancers had a chance to show off their skills.

In the last segment, everyone performed a set of songs by themselves. Only Jisoo hasn’t put out a solo album yet, so she covered Camilla Cabello’s “Liar” to start things off. Jennie had the guts to perform an as-yet-unreleased song called “You and Me,” which is sure to be a hit when it is finally released.

Fans went wild as Lisa took the stage to perform her two biggest solo hits, “Lisa” and “Money,” both of which have become Internet standards. BlackPink’s latest “Born Pink” album incorporates the grimier hip-hop and rap sound of “Money” into its overall sound. BlackPink’s closing set included performances of some of their other top singles, such as “Shut Down,” “Type Girl,” “Ddu-Du Ddu-du,” and “Forever Young.”

However, that wasn’t the final act. The ladies came back for an encore performance after a lengthy intermission during which the crowd repeatedly chanted the band’s name. The foursome appeared to have changed out of their formal attire and into more casual streetwear (hoodies, cargo pants, and casual skirts) before heading back to the hotel.

The band was able to have fun with their loving fans by playing an entertaining game of “I Spy,” singling out those in the crowd who had gone to great lengths to dress up for the occasion and display them on the massive television displays.

BlackPink’s popularity stems, in part, from the fact that the members don’t act like the megastars that they are. The audience loved their sweet and often silly antics in front of the cameras and supporters.

They even appeared onstage for “selfies” with their devoted following. BlackPink ended the night with their hit “As If It’s Your Last,” which got the entire up and waving their arms and jumping to the music. Based on ticket sales and fan support, the band will likely return to Atlanta in the near future.

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