Fans and Internet Users Wonder Whether Blackpink Will Extend Their Deal With YG Entertainment

The topic of BLACKPINK’s contract renewal with YG Entertainment is one of the most hotly debated topics in the K-pop industry. BLACKPINK’s exclusive deal with YG Entertainment expires in August of this year. All eyes are on whether one of the most well-known K-pop girl groups would extend their contract with YG Entertainment as one of their contracts is ready to expire.

Furthermore, it has been said that Lisa is being given 100 billion KRW (81 million USD) to move labels, a sum YG Entertainment will find extremely difficult to match. Some believe that rather than being driven only by financial gain, the members of “BLACKPINK” will work to keep the group together.

As different viewpoints from the industry emerged, netizens and fans convened in a well-known online forum to discuss this issue. Netizens commented, “I feel like they would so renew their contracts. If you look at their tour schedules this year too, they seem like they’re already decided to renew,”

Blackpink Will Extend Their Deal
Blackpink Will Extend Their Deal

“I feel YG is too small to handle BLACKPINK, I wish they focus on promotions in the United States,” “I think the members would maintain the group,” “I think they would renew but I wish they would go to better companies,”

“I’m not a fan but I can see that the members have a deep affection for the group so they won’t break up,” “I definitely think they will renew the contract,” “I wish they would just remain as a team somehow. Doesn’t matter if they don’t renew the contract with YG Entertainment,”

“Shouldn’t they go to Teddy’s label?” “I wish they can renew because I want to see BLACKPINK together for a long time,” “There’s no reason for them to not renew,” and “YG will try their best to keep the group so I think they will renew the contract.”

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