BLACKPINK’s Jennie Stuns In TAMBURINS’ Movie Trailer

In the eyes of the internet, BLACKPINK is one of the most prominent girl groups in the world. When performing, making public appearances, or connecting with fans, the members always put their best foot forward. They’ve all established themselves as true multi-talents throughout the years, though.

In particular, Jennie of BLACKPINK has been getting a lot of notice lately for her acting abilities. If BLINKs thought they were watching an advertisement when the whole film was posted by TAMBURINS on September 23 (KST), they were sorely mistaken. Instead of merely a teaser… A full-length movie was shown to BLINKs.

At the start of the video, Jennie’s followers were immediately piqued by the sight of her without her black vest and kicking back in a gorgeous blue dress. She then moves around the room with a dancer’s grace and a warrior’s determination.

Although Jennie looks excellent, the video’s mood quickly turns ominous when she is confronted by a stranger at the door. Holding the now-iconic trash bag and candle, Jennie remains silent while the man continues talking to her. But then Jennie, like a character from a Hollywood action flick, begins firing bullets from her fingers, and a fight ensues.

The camerawork follows Jennie as she fights the man in several locations; it’s worthy of a Hollywood action movie.

The video concludes with Jennie returning to the house with the black garbage bag and the man’s unattended body on the floor. After the video was shared online, “ACTOR JENNIE” received universal acclaim. BLINKs expressed their enthusiasm for the video and praised the idol’s performance, making her a trending topic on social media.

Because Jennie will soon make her acting debut in the following HBO series The Idol, fans are already quite thrilled about the acting. In the same vein as the TAMBURINS’ video, Jennie will play an entirely unexpected role by the internet at large.

The TAMBURINS commercial has offered netizens a small taste of what they might be able to expect from Jennie in her acting debut, which is coming up soon.

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