Bleach: Nine Characters Who Can’t Be Saved

From the warm and effervescent Orihime to the icy and level-headed Byakuya, Bleach has a wide range of memorable personalities. With such a vast ensemble, there is a lot of room for interpretation when it comes to deciding whose past is sadder or whose goals are more justifiable. Bleach’s memorable characters all have their own distinct personalities, although some are hopelessly unlikeable. In a series as bloody and violent as Bleach, there are bound to be many villainous characters, but these nine stand out for all the wrong reasons. In this article, we will discuss  Characters Who Can’t Be Saved.

Grand Fisher

Most people think of Grand Fisher first when they hear about terrible things that have been done. Bad blood exists between Grand Fisher and the Kurosaki family because he is the one responsible for the death of Ichigo’s mother. Not only is this Hollow highly predatory, but it also has no qualms with imitating its opponent’s deceased loved ones in its lure, as seen when Grand Fisher’s lure assumed the form of Ichigo’s mother to disarm him. Grand Fisher’s sole motivation in returning as an Arrancar was to avenge his earlier loss at the hands of Ichigo. Part of Characters Who Can’t Be Saved.


Like Grand Fisher, Metastacia was a particularly heartless Hollow; she had devoured multiple Soul Reapers without remorse. In response to Kaien Shiba’s inquiry as to whether or not Metastacia had any regrets, the only thing he said was that he was sorry he hadn’t eaten his wife’s head or torso. Metastacia fused with Kaien after a long battle, then they attacked Rukia and Ukitake. He uses Kaien’s image against Rukia and a sick Ukitake, beating them both mercilessly while bragging about how his fusion with Kaien is irreversible. part of Characters Who Can’t Be Saved.

Numb Chandelier

Numb Chandelier, unlike the majority of Hollows, was too weak to fight back and hence avoided doing so whenever possible. Orihime’s pals were among those she possessed and used the Bulb Scatter technique to murder off in her place. Orihime met Numb Chandelier, who brutalized her through proxies while she reveled in her pain. Orihime’s awakening of her Shun Shun Rikka and subsequent resistance to Numb Chandelier’s possession and torture of Tatsuki were both prompted by Tatsuki’s attempts to intervene. Part of Characters Who Can’t Be Saved.

Aaroniero Arrurruerie

Absorbing the body-stealing Metastacia gave Aaroniero the confidence to assume the identities of those closest to his enemies. In his struggle with Rukia, he pretended to be the late Kaien Shiba to fool her into thinking he was on her side. Knowing that Rukia would give up the fight if he tried to assume Kaien’s shape again after his ploy was discovered, Aaroniero wasted no time in trying to do so. Aaroniero is unable to foresee Rukia rediscovering the resolve to strike down her mentor’s portrait, which ironically led to his own death. Part of Characters Who Can’t Be Saved.

Nnoitra Gilga

Nnoitra stands out as one of the more ruthless Espada members in the show, willing to resort to any means necessary to defeat a more powerful foe. In Nnoitra’s mind, fighting unfairly is the norm, as seen by his chauvinistic attitudes and surprise attack on Nelliel and his underhanded tactics against Ichigo and Grimmjow. As evidenced by his conflict with Kenpachi, Nnoitra craves approval as the superior fighter from his enemies. However, his dishonest strategies on the battlefield belie his true feelings. Because of this, Nnoitra is quite callous because he has no regard for the people in his life. Part of Characters Who Can’t Be Saved.

Yammy Llargo

Talking about cold-hearted people, there’s Yammy, a big, brutish Arrancar who at first goes by the number 10. The savagery of Yammy is such that he will attack others without provocation; once, after having his limb amputated, his first move was to murder the healer. Even without his Zanpakuto, Yammy is still capable of inflicting horrible wounds on his enemies in combat. While he has a healthy amount of respect for the more senior members of the Espada, that respect evaporates the moment he comes clean as the Cero Espada. Part of Characters Who Can’t Be Saved.

Kaname Tosen

Although the blind Kaname’s stated goal of taking the route that causes the fewest deaths is commendable, his actual behavior belies his ideals. He had no compunctions about fighting his fellow Ninth Division members, even hollowing his own commanders in the process, and he was well aware of the sacrifices Aizen had to make to construct the King’s Key. Kaname’s betrayal of Soul Society caused a rift between him and Sajin Komamura, who shared his views before Kaname’s defection. Kaname’s arrogance led him astray once he gained the gift of sight, leaving him much less able to perceive the consequences of his actions than he had been before. Part of Characters Who Can’t Be Saved.

Loly Aivirrne

After Aizen betrays Soul Society, one of his aides, Loly, develops jealousy toward Orihime because of all the attention she gets from the former. At one point, she and her buddy, Menoly, broke into Orihime’s chambers and began abusing her, a show of extreme jealousy on both of their parts. Loly’s animosity for Orihime increased to the point where she called her a monster when she healed her wounds after Grimmjow’s intervention. Orihime’s maltreatment by Loly did not stop when Aizen decided she was no longer essential. Loly has no qualms about physically abusing anyone, including her pal Menoly.

Koga Kuchiki

Despite his status as a filler character, Koga Kuchiki’s behavior in the Zanpakuto Unknown Tales arc makes him as much of a villain as any of the others on this list. Koga was framed for murder and went insane after understanding that his claimed enemies didn’t feel any sorrow for their actions. Koga’s insanity led him to commit random acts of violence against civilians in an attempt to get his point across to Soul Society. Koga’s insanity extended even to his Zanpakuto spirit, Muramasa; he would lash out at Muramasa for the smallest of offenses and eventually cut off all contact between them after being released from prison.

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