Blight Game Release Date: Is This Game Coming To Console?

Blight Game Release Date: There’s a new player in the horror co-op genre, and it’s already being compared to The Last of Us in a medieval setting: Blight Survival. It’s possible that few players have heard of this cooperative game, but that’s okay. Everything you need to know about Blight Survival will be provided to you.

Blight Survival is a 4-player co-op horror rogue-lite, as described on the official Steam store page. The game is set in a chaotic no man’s land between two states during a seemingly endless war. In Blight Survival, you and up to two others will explore a vast, dangerous world in search of secrets and currency while wielding a wide variety of weapons and protective gear.

Blight Game Release Date
Blight Game Release Date

Blight Survival Platforms

The game’s Discord channel says that for the time being, the makers are only planning on releasing it on PC, while Haenir Studio has indicated an interest in the next-gen console market. In the most recent gameplay reveal clip, we can see that the creators are creating a combat system that is a cross between Dark Souls and Mordhau. You may also read SAO Season 5 Release Date

Customization In Blight Survival

There will be character and weapon customization options that will alter the game’s graphics and gameplay. Even though the Steam page for Blight Survival only specifies co-op play, the devs have hinted at an invasion mode being included in the game’s Discord server. Permitting players to fight against one another in a PvP setting.

Blight Game Release Date
Blight Game Release Date

While there isn’t much available about Blight: Survival at the moment, the new gameplay footage has piqued gamers’ interest, with the reveal trailer for the game having nearly a million views on IGN’s YouTube channel as of the time this article was written. The release date for Blight Survival has not yet been set. The official Blight Survival Twitter account is where you can find out more about the game.

Blight Game Release Date Information

There has been no announcement of a release date for Blight: Survival as of this writing. The official Blight: Survival Twitter account has stated that the game’s release date is currently unknown because “we want to make sure we don’t make false promises.”

On Twitter, the Blight: Survival team responded to a fan who questioned if the game would release this year or in 2023 by saying, “Unfortunately we’re looking beyond that.” The developers stated on Twitter that they plan to release the game for next-gen consoles “eventually, absolutely,” in addition to PC.

At the outset of its most recent teaser, the developers made it clear that the footage displayed was from the game’s pre-alpha stages, which are vastly different from the polished product players may expect. Be sure to check back for an update to this article if further details about the situation become available.

Developed by the two-man studio Haenir Studio, Blight: Survival is an upcoming Unreal Engine 5-powered rogue-lite with a grim, medieval setting. The gameplay is centered around 1-4 player co-op PvE and is described as a “very, very challenging” blend of Dark Souls and Mordhau.

In this version of the 14th century, two “desperate states” are still engaged in an endless battle. In this afterlife, a new strain of “Blight” has emerged from the corpses, fortified by the blood that has transformed “man into a monster.”

Is Blight Survival Coming To The Console?

There is currently no information on the game’s availability on consoles like Xbox or PlayStation, thus it appears that it will only be released on PC. However, the creators have announced openly their intention to port the game to these systems.

Blight Survival Trailer

Blight: Survival is a third-person cinematic action-adventure survival game described by its developers as an “action-horror rogue-lite,” and its five-minute gameplay reveal trailer is definitely worth your time. The game also supports a four-player co-op. You’ll be using whatever medieval weapons and tactics you like to combat a new plague that’s reanimating the dead.

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