Bling Empire Season 2 on Netflix: What to expect?

You have to admit, whether you’re a fan or a hater, it’s hard to resist the opportunity to peek into a wealthy person’s private life if you can.

The second season of Netflix’s popular and divisive reality show “Bling Empire” is set to do just that, and it premieres this weekend (May 13). The comedy, which follows a group of insanely wealthy Asian Americans in Los Angeles, is back for a second season to tantalize and horrify audiences alike.

A Netflix official summary says: “Los Angeles’ favorite uber-rich Asians are back with even more luxury, glamour and insanity” and “despite it all, the one thing these friends hold dearest to their hearts is their love for each other… and of course, flawless style.”.

Here’s what you can expect from the new season, in addition to glitz and glamour, over-the-top couture, and fancy automobiles driving around LA.

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Despite the fact that Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee, who wed in February, had previously announced their departure from Season 2, they will appear in a few episodes.

The remaining cast members from the first season, including model Kevin Kreider, Singaporean property agent Kane Lim, entrepreneur Kelly Mi Li, DJ Kim Lee, philanthropist Christine Chiu and her supposed ‘rival’, socialite Anna Shay, are expected to return.

Mimi Morris, a social media influencer, and Dorothy Wang, a reality star from Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills, will join the cast this season.

The ‘Bling Empire’ Season 2 Cast, Is There Any New Character In This List?


An all-new series means all-new onscreen romances, which means all-new onscreen conflict, which makes for even more compelling television viewing. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Lee stated: “All I got to say is that this season is surprising.”. ‘What?’ (sic) I can only imagine the audience’s horror at hearing so much juicy tea, like juicy secrets.’ “

The trailer for Season 2 teases viewers with the shock that she had conveyed in the pilot. A new spotlight is shone on her budding romance with Kreider as she makes the show’s customary gold font proclamation, “Bling is back.” Despite his sincere passion, Lee feels conflicted about his past love life and how it affects his current relationship.

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When Kreider’s new affair comes to light, he’ll be called “a little bit of a man whore” by Lim, who’s been pals with him for years. Trailer-ending footage shows an angry altercation between the two outside of an Italian restaurant, with glares and smashed glass.

As for Lim, he’ll have to deal with a lot of drama on his own, either by causing or participating in it. He says about Dorothy Wang, the newest member of the cast, “People like [her], all they do is gossip and cause trouble.”

For more than a decade now, Wang has adamantly avoided Lim’s attempts to set up lunch dates with her. Rather, she says, “I’d rather go 87 days without eating or drinking anything at all” This raises the question: Who is causing all of this drama?

Bling Empire Season 2, which premieres on Netflix today, answers that question.