Blood Of Zeus Season 2 Likely to Release in 2022?

In late 2020, Netflix released the animated series Blood of Zeus,’ but its spectacular success already had us wondering if a follow-up would be forthcoming. The movie ‘Blood of Zeus’ follows Zeus’ son Heron as he tries to save Earth and Olympus from the wrath of his half-brother’s army and jealous Goddess Hera. Let’s find out what Blood Of Zeus Season 2 has in store for the series after an extremely successful season 1.

Is Blood Of Zeus Season 2 Getting a Renewal?

Good news! Blood of Zeus is indeed returning for another season! The renewal was announced on Netflix’s social media pages in December 2020, as follows: “The Fates have news! Heron’s adventures will continue in season 2 of Blood of Zeus.” The renewal isn’t surprising, given the anime series’ successes to date.

What Will Happen in Blood Of Zeus Season 2?

It’s hard to predict what will happen in Blood Of Zeus Season 2 after the intense finale of Season 1. Hades, who wants Seraphim to kneel before him to avoid his horrible destiny as an underworld dweller, raises a question about Seraphim’s fate. Heron and the other Gods of Olympus are indeed at risk when Seraphim no longer has a choice but to serve the dangerous and ambitious Hades. In spite of this, Seraphim will indeed find a way to break free of Hade’s grasp with his arrogant and ambitious nature.

A second question is who will dominate the Gods of Olympus after Zeus sacrificed himself to save Hera from the giants’ wrath. With Zeus’ death, the Gods of Olympus no longer have a ruler. As stated in the succeeding episodes, Heron, his son, is likely to succeed his father as the next leader. When Heron defeated his brother Seraphim in a battle, he used the same powers as Zeus, making us believe he’ll follow a similar path.

Lastly, Hera’s fate is in doubt. Having fought against the giants and the gods, the Goddess is yet to appear. Although Zeus’ sacrifice might convince her to return to Mount Olympus, we don’t know whether the other Gods will welcome her back. What will she think of Zeus’ bastard son Heron rising to prominence? Can she accept him as a son? Season 2 is sure to be exciting.

What is the Netflix Release Date for Blood Of Zeus Season 2?

Netflix has not yet announced the release date for Blood of Zeus Season 2. Blood of Zeus season 2 will not be ready for quite some time. Producing animation projects can take a while. In March 2019, the series was first announced.

The streaming service didn’t release Blood of Zeus until more than a year later. We’re likely to wait until late 2022 to see more of Blood of Zeus, unless work has already begun on season 2.  Be sure to check in with us from time to time in order to stay updated.

‘Blood of Zeus’ Official Trailer

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